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6 Interior Design Trends 2021 Will Bring In- According to our Miami Designers

It’s the start of a new year! Isn’t that crazy? Time is passing slowly and yet quickly. I can’t believe we’re already looking back on 2020. Though it was a strange year, we had the opportunity to design many dream homes (check out our design portfolio), attended design fairs (we went to HighPoint!), and adapted our design services quickly to continue delivering the best designs for our clients’ safe havens: their homes. And now just like that, we are talking about the interior design trends 2021 will bring our way!

We have much to look forward to in 2021, but we’re especially excited to share our take on the top design trends for this new year. For the foreseeable future, we’ll likely keep spending most of our time at home. So, why not make it warm and cozy? Pretty and trendy? Inviting yet safe?

Here are the interior design trends 2021 has to offer! We think you’re going to be seeing these all around in the upcoming months, and we’ll definitely be taking into account for our new projects. Let us know if you will too!

Interior Design Trends 2021

Home Bar

Interior Design Trends 2021


Need an excuse to install your home bar? *This is it!* – Ivonne

According to Forbes Magazine, “alcoholic beverage sales have spiked significantly” during lockdown. If you don’t feel comfortable going to bars, why not have one right at home? It’ll be the hottest spot in town, we promise.

Imagine a versatile console with your favorite whiskey set sitting on the top, your wine and champagne glasses hanging on one side, and La Perrier water bottles and Coke cans stacked on moving doors.

Get inspired by these Dkor-designed home bars.

Zoom-worthy Home Office

Interior Design Trends 2021

Make your zoom background enviable, creating a functional and beautiful office space at home! – Margaret

In 2020, we bought desks, chairs, monitors, and laptop stands to make our remote work more comfortable. We saw ourselves in need of a workspace other than our kitchen countertops, beds, or living room tables.

The Dkor team is no exception—we’re on Zoom meetings all day, getting inside peeks at our coworkers’ homes.

This year, we will continue to work from home, so no more excuses for those distracting backgrounds and messy tables. Make 2021 the year you work from home in an elegant and unique space that hits two key elements: it makes you feel more professional and represents your style. Design a beautiful video conference backdrop for your 9-5!

Check out these tips to create an inspiring home workspace.


Multifunctional Spaces

COVID-19 taught us what “multifunctional design” really means. – Raquel

What was once a living room, is now an office, a kids study room, a gym, and a playroom. We now know the value of designing spaces that do double, or even triple duty as quarantine taught us that multifunctional spaces are a must to take full advantage of our day.

One of the advantages of working with interior designers is that they understand what is the best way to maximize your space to its fullest potential in a way that blends function and aesthetics. The result: one space that can be used for different everyday activities with an organized look and a flow from distinct areas, just like we did in this playroom/family room here!

Juxtaposition of Styles

Old and new never looked so good together. – Margaret

This year we want to try something new (obviously!), but keep the best of the styles of the past. Why not juxtapose styles? Let’s use antiques with new furniture or mix different styles to create a unique one-of-a-kind home!

But incorporating vintage and eclectic items can be tricky and it’s important to consider consistency when blending old and new.

Here are a few tips when adding worldly accessories and furniture to your spaces:

  • Consider utility.
    All pieces might be different, but in their own way they can complement each other creating a cohesive look. For example, they come in the same or complementary colors, textures, patterns, or finishes.
  • Try to mix textures! With simple things like adding a throw pillow or blanket, or installing a good looking wallpaper.
  • Don’t over-saturate the space.
  • Try to leave empty space to make some items stand out or become the focal point.
  • Make items balanced. Create symmetry and balance in the space by taking a step back and thinking if one side looks too crowded or heavy.

The most important thing is to have fun! Your home is the most sacred place, keep that in mind.

Organic and Minimalistic Design

Interior design trends in 2021 are all about textures. Natural, organic, and simple to be specific. This often-overlooked principle of interior design will steal the show this year.

Think less of the smooth modern and glossy finishes and more of handmade tiles with textures like ceramic or terracotta. Materials are going to look more handmade and less manufactured in 2021, says Margaret, our interior designer.

These organic, less mass-produced textures also feel more natural and organic. In 2021, we’ll turn to minimalistic materials in different textures to create a comfortable, warm look. Think wood grains, concrete, stone, rattan, and linen, according to Raquel, a DKOR designer.

We’re excited that textural expression is trending in the interior design world! We can’t wait to leverage this cool trend by including a variety of natural finishes in our projects to create depth and texture.

Earthy Colors

It’s not just organic materials that will be trending this year but anything that connects us to nature, including color palettes! Mixing earthy and warm color tones with soft greens, ambers, and coral accents will shine in interiors this year. These tones are perfect for creating a sense of calm and coziness that we’re all craving right now. Who doesn’t want their home to feel like a giant, comforting hug?

It seems we were predicting these last couple of trends when we were designing our Florida Vacation Home All About Family, Earth Tones And Texture. Take a look!

Which trend is your favorite? Will you be carrying any of these into your own homes this year? We’d love to hear about your design plans!



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