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Family Room Designs

Family rooms are where everyone gathers to watch TV, discuss the happenings of the day, hang out with each other, and feel together as a family. This space is often one of the most frequently used spaces. More than any room in the home, including the living room, family rooms balance function and beauty to ensure every family member feels comfortable, cozy, and welcome—including children and pets. As designers sometimes we group pets and kids together because they are both lovable, rambunctious, and cause a lot of wear, tear, and stains throughout the house.

Because family rooms have to stand up to a lot, it can be difficult to find family room decorating ideas that suit a family’s design style but won’t break down, get stained easily, or show dirt. That is why when you need to decorate your family room, it can be helpful to turn to a team of interior designers.

The team of designers at DKOR Interiors likes to use forgiving fabrics that hide wear and tear. We typically find that our clients like to include sectional sofas in their family rooms. They do this because everyone can be all on the same sofa, so there are plenty of cuddling opportunities. Additionally, sectional sofas can be customized in a lot of durable fabrics. Any other upholstered pieces of furniture, whether it is an upholstered ottoman in place of a coffee table or accent chairs, should also be covered in durable fabrics. If a fabric is stain- and water-resistant, even better! If there is wood or tile flooring in the room, it is a good idea to put an area rug down. But rugs can get dirty with all of that traffic, so sometimes we put high-quality indoor-outdoor rugs in the family room.

Another element we like to add into family rooms is storage. When you put kids and pets in the same space, you are going to have a lot of toys. And those toys need to be organized and hidden away. If the kids are a bit older and not necessarily playing with toys every time the family gets together, it is still important to have storage for board games, books, blankets, and more. Often, family rooms are centered around a fireplace or a TV. In the case of a TV, you can camouflage it by hanging it in a built-in shelving unit. Not only can it store lots of necessities, but it keeps the TV from dominating the space.

Then the final touches are meant to add in softness, luxury, and even more comfort to ensure that the family room is inviting. Lots of durable, yet comfy pillows are a must, as is fun, bold artwork. Family rooms are the space to not take your design too seriously and play around with color, pattern, artwork, and more.

To get inspired to create your own dream family room, discover the real-life rooms on our portfolio page and dive deeper into the homes we design in our interior design blog.

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