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Master Bathroom Ideas

Just off the master bedroom, the master bathroom is a crucial room in any home. This room isn’t just walked through every day, it is used daily, so it must be designed for easy use. But design cannot be overlooked, either. Whether our clients want a moody escape or a fresh spa experience every time they walk in, we work closely with them to create their dream master bathroom. We do not just design beautiful bathrooms, we design beautiful experiences. But we first have to sift through all of the master bathroom ideas available to us, as top Miami interior designers.

We start by making the master bathroom an extension of the master bedroom to create a complete, cohesive master suite. The same colors, materials, and textures are brought from the bedroom into the bathroom. Tile, countertop, lighting, and fixture materials are chosen to stand up to daily wear and tear, while also being beautiful to look at.

In addition to all of the very important style details, we spend time getting to understand our clients’ needs for the space. We ask questions like, how will you use this space every day? What special elements do you want in the space—are professional-quality lights needed so you can do your makeup just right? Do you need extra storage for your vast array of beauty products? Do you want a separate room for the toilet? Will you be using this as the room in which you bathe your children, or is this your own private spa getaway? The little extras really make the difference.

That is why we never overlook the small stuff. If a client prefers to use an electric toothbrush, we want to make sure that there is an outlet close to the sink so the electronics can always be plugged in. In a shower, we also make sure to plan for extra storage space for large shampoo bottles, and to ensure that those bottles are tucked out of sight but easily accessible. Additionally, a bench or stool will make long showers extra comfortable.

To begin the design process of your master bathroom, peruse our portfolio page filled with master bathroom ideas and inspiration. We love showcasing the real-life designs that we have brought to life in our clients’ homes. If you are looking for even more tips, tricks, and ideas for your master bathroom, head over to our blog, DKOR Living Blog, where you can find lots of helpful posts from our Miami-based interior designers.

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