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Living Room Ideas

Living rooms are generally the spaces that exemplify an interior design concept the most. Living rooms are where people watch television at the end of the day, gather to tell stories, and entertain friends and family. This space is where so many memories will be created. So, if you are looking for living room ideas, look no further than our portfolio page. Here we feature a gallery full of living room ideas from our past client design projects. Whether it is a new-construction living room or a condo living room, you will find an example of living room design in our gallery. We also feature some of our favorite blog posts full of modern and contemporary living room ideas that can be found over at DKOR Living Blog.

We have designed living rooms that run the gamut of styles and degrees of formality from super lavish—luxurious finishes, high-end materials, and fine accessories—to casual, family-friendly spaces with durable materials, lots of seating, and entertainment in mind. We love both approaches, because for us, it is all about creating a design concept that is unique for each client, family, or couple because everyone has different needs, style, and taste. Whether you want a formal living room or a relaxed living room, our Miami-based interior design team at DKOR has vast experience creating those living spaces.

Once we have aligned on an interior design concept with a client, one of the rooms we begin to focus on is the living room. They will bring their own living room ideas to the table, and we will begin to discuss what they need out of the space; what styles, colors, or materials they like; and how they will use the space. Those are important details to get right before we can begin our process of defining a design concept that meets their living room ideas. We love collaborating with our clients to find the right mix of form and function, combining their ideal style with functional elements that match how they’ll use the space.

When designing a living room, space planning is key. We want the living rooms we design to feel both cozy and spacious, comfortable and stylish. All of that starts with the arrangement of furniture, especially the seating. Once that’s completed, we can begin adding in the finishing details, like pillows, pieces of art, accessories, and more.

Check out some of our blog posts about past living room interior design projects to get a look at how we bring ideas to life:

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