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Home Office Ideas

Homework stations are becoming more and more common in homes. Additionally, flexible work schedules that allow parents to work from home are becoming more common—necessitating home offices and study spaces that make it possible for everyone to work comfortably from home. Let’s explore some home office ideas and tips!

Whether for adults or kids, a workspace needs a few elements to be in place to ensure work can actually get done. A printer station, task lighting, storage, and comfortable workspaces all factor into the usability of a home office. Some home office ideas we always incorporate into our designs are desk grommet holes to corral cords and wires, ensuring a more organized look and feel. It is a little thing, but it makes a lot of difference.

Another element that is always incorporated into every home office or study space design is storage. Whether bins, boxes, cabinets, or shelves, storage is key. If the space is being used by multiple people, a closet for storage is the best option. Each person gets a shelf, with a common shelf housing things like pens, paper, and more that everyone needs access to. This keeps everything separate and organized.

One of our favorite study space ideas to include in a kids’ study space is an interactive board where kids can pin up ideas or photos that inspire them. We love the idea of hanging up their artwork as kind of a rotating art gallery. In a home office, we always recommend calming colors and artwork, that does not increase the sense of busyness or chaos, instead is a relaxing and productive environment.

A well-designed office or study space will help encourage kids to sit down and get their homework done. Additionally, limiting distractions, like access to the TV, is very important, even for adult home offices! A comfortable chair, a well-designed desk, ergonomic technology accessories, and lighting in the right spots will help ensure work gets done.

Are you looking for study space ideas or home office inspiration for your home? Our portfolio page is full of real-life rooms we worked hand-in-hand with our clients to create. Also, check out our interior design blog, DKOR Living Blog, to learn more about the story behind each space.

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