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From the first moment that we walked into the office at DKOR, the staff was AMAZING! We were greeted by a cool, hip, young interior design team that took our request to make “NOT your grandpa’s condo” and turned it into our rock and roll dream! Although we were unsure of the exact direction we wanted to go, they listened to our love for rock music and concerts, had us do a Pinterest board of styles that we liked, and made some very cool suggestions that allowed us to have a very unique condo design! Margaret, Marianna, Silvia, and Yakira were simply a joy to work with and we could not be happier with the design they created! Thanks ladies!


The entire Dkor’s interior design team was truly amazing to work with. They fully captured our vision and need for functionality and gave us our dream home! They also made the process fun and exciting along the way and we trusted them completely. They truly are the best interior designers in Miami and would recommend them 100000%!!

Brooke Cohen


Muy profesionales, captaron inmediatamente el estilo y los gustos de nosotros para decoración de la casa y lo plasmaron en informes donde detalladamente nos mostraban lo que proponían y nos daban a escoger entre diferentes opciones. Todo un proceso bien llevado de inicio hasta el fin, la casa la dejaron lista para vivir desde el día uno con todas las áreas de la casa amueblada, con adornos, hasta las camas echas. Tambien se ocuparon de sub contratar todos los arreglos eléctricos de mampostería, modificaciones a la estructura original etc.. y todo quedó espectacular. Prácticamente nos mudamos con los cepillos de dientes, todo ya estaba echo y con un gusto increible, las chicas de DKor tienen mucha visión para proponer la decoración y todo armoniza de manera perfecta. Recomendamos a DKor Interiors con los ojos cerrados.

Mr. and Mrs. “Earthy Modern Miami Vacation Home”

Bal Harbour Eclectic Modernism

When we first met the DKOR team we knew we had found what we needed: a group of young, enthusiastic, sensitive designers. And also as we soon found talented and efficient. But what impressed us the most was their ability to listen to our story, who we were and what we had in mind for the condo we had just acquired by the sea. They were from then able to propose a beautiful concept encompassing the essence of our vision. The rest was creativity, talent and hard work with a superb final result .We also made some friends.

The light travelers”

Modern Coastal Condo Testimonial

DKOR has a great team, friendly relation, they designed the ideal house for my needs. It is a fantastic project, we are very happy! They were originally recommended to us by a friend and now we recommend them.

Mr. and Mrs. “Modern Coastal Miami Condo”


Dear DKOR team,
It all started a little more than a year ago with the idea of having a complete home makeover. We had seen the work that DKOR made for friends and other families, and immediately loved their taste and modern design. After our first meeting, we were ready to start a journey of presentations, calls, emails, and a lot of decisions to finally see our dream come true! The DKOR team was there for us, every step of the way, with fast and effective response to all our concerns, and considering every detail and every need of our family. They took the time to understand each member of our family, what drives us, what we like, what we don’t, and thought how to mix design and functionality for each space of our new home. Along the way, surprisingly, we found out we were expecting our fifth child!! what initially was going to be a guest room, had to be converted into a “permanent guest” room! and the design once again had to be tweaked, blueprints modified, permits resubmitted and design and accessories reselected.
DKOR has a very talented team of professionals, they work very well as a team, they complement each other, and you can sense that they work with passion and always with our best interests in mind. They were very conscious when selecting materials, pricing, recommending vendors, and negotiating on our behalf. Of course, as with any project, there are ups and downs, but even with very tough obstacles in front of us, they never let us down, always came with ideas and solutions, no matter how tough the challenge was. In our case, they worked with Newman Brothers as GC, and the job they did was outstanding, working hand in hand, supervising and directing the whole project. Newman did an amazing job, of putting together a high quality implementation of the project, which was full of details, “volume” and made sure everything was as perfect, as shown in the design and blueprints.
After having shared with DKOR a little over a year, of ups and downs, designs, decisions and proposals…we can truly say that our home is a reflection of us, of our family dynamics and our kids personalities. DKOR offered us nothing less than a total transformation and organization of our day to day lives. We have a defined space for each little and big thing in our home, and at the same time everything derives from the same “Designed volume” concept.
The experience is 100% recommended. The team could not be better. We felt important, we were a priority for them and still today we know we can count on DKOR for support, advise and help. We were very lucky to work with them. We feel truly privileged to have been able to have DKOR design our new home!
Thank you for a wonderful year and for your love and dedication to our home and family.

Mr. and Mrs. “Designed Volume”

test2 1

Dear Girls,
A little more than a year ago, Leslie and I stepped into a small office called DKOR Interiors asking for help to design our dream home. After less than one hour, we liked what we saw and decided to move forward. Today we can tell you, thanks to your passion, hard work creativity, and expertise, you delivered us the most beautiful house ever! It’s been a beautiful ride, there were up’s and down’s, frustrations, delays, mistakes but at the same time, great looks, fine details, surprises and in the end, you not only were our design doctors, but you became part of the family, and you should always feel that way. I need you to know that every dollar invested was a huge effort (financially and psychologically), but the real value we really care about is that our house is ready to receive with open arms our friends and family. The lesson I always teach my kids, is that it doesn’t matter how much or what you have, what really counts is what you do with it, and our house will always have guests so we can take care of them. Thank you is a word that is unfair because using it by itself does not cover ALL that you want to appreciate. We can’t thank you enough for everything you did, and at the same time, we need you to know that we’ll always be grateful for your incredible work. We’re happy that our project helped skyrocket DKOR Interiors and we wish you all the best!! This is definitely not a farewell it’s only a show of appreciation we have for you. Once again, hats off to you guys!!!

Mr. & Mrs. “Miami Modern Home”

test2 2

“Dkor turned my house into a home. At the end, it was better than I could have ever imagined. We love it!”

Mr. and Mrs. “Contemporary Comfort”

test2 3

Ivonne and her team were very easy to work with. They took the effort to find out our preferred style and colour scheme and easily adjusted whenever we wavered. Everything was handled very professionally by her team. We are really enjoying our condo in Miami and have got lots of compliments. Now we are working on our home in Winnipeg, Canada. Ivonne and her team at DKOR went above and beyond to make sure we were totally satisfied. Our client relationship has blossomed into a friendship.
Thanks Ivonne and team.

Mr. & Mrs. “Edge of Modernism”

test2 4

Working with Ivonne Ronderos and the Dkor Interiors team, is working with glamour, responsibility, and commitment. They will work with your needs and help you going through the transition of renovating your home. Great company to work with, dedicated and passionate team.

Mrs. “Bold Miami Home”

test2 5

It’s great working with Dkor Interiors on all of our residential and commercial projects whether here in the United States or Haiti!!! We highly recommend working with them… progressive interior design and easy execution!

Mr. & Mrs. “Earthy Contemporary Home”

test2 6

I’ve worked with Ivonne and her team for over 3 projects now and it’s just EASY and done better than anything I could attempt to do on my own. Now when I buy properties, I don’t hesitate or panic when I know they need to be completely renovated.

Mr. “Miami Modern Scandinavian”

test2 7

Best decision ever! There are no words to express what these wonderful and beautiful human beings did for us. They took our house and transformed it into our home. They read us, understood our needs and captured our style with unbelievable professionalism. They are able to go beyond their profound knowledge and connect with the client as a human being, so each detail in our home says something about us as a family. We keep rediscovering it as time passes by. There is no place we rather be than home, and part of that feeling we definitely have to thank DKOR for.

Mrs. “A Warm Miami Interior”


Ivonne and her team of designers is the creative talent you are looking for if you are seeking for a design team who can bring forth originality, positive energy, and effective communication in a design project. Their professionalism and their design skills are exceptional. i love how the take very seriously the use of lighting fixtures to enhance a room or a space! I give them my highest recommendation!

Lighting Reps / Terzani

As an Architectural Representative I am constantly meeting with Interior Designers and Architects alike who are specifying various materials for their projects. I’ve had the great fortune of having DKOR Interiors as one of my clients. The firm is highly sought after and appreciated by those who desire a high quality work ethic and Interiors that wow. All the designers are always on the look out for the most innovative, relative, and cutting edge products that are within their client’s budgets, style and meet the intended use. They are savvy, have amazing vision, are efficient, and always communicate well in order to reach their client’s needs. This makes working with them such a pleasure! I look forward to working with them in the future as I am sure they will continue their great success!

Innovations in Design

It is an honor to work continuously with the team at DKOR. They are very professional, detailed and creative at everything they do. We at Italgres highly recommend them for all of your designs needs.


For the past two and a half years, I have been very fortunate to have worked along side the DKOR Interiors Team. They have purchased items from several of the lines that I represent. They are always extremely personable and professional. I enjoy seeing the various stages of their design projects through the many facets of social media that they use. Their team is very knowledgable and they are constantly looking for latest and greatest home decor and furnishing products to provide their clients.

J. Douglas

It is an absolute pleasure to work with Dkor Interiors. They are an amazing team of young professional Interior Designers who specialize in exclusive projects.
The dedication and passion they show for their work makes it easy for us to collaborate with them on any design decision.
We look forward to supporting their future projects.


As a vendor working with these girls for over 6 years I can honestly say they are not only professional but also extremely creative and fun to work with! They work as a team and all of their projects come out amazing!


DKOR Interiors and Bella Stairs have been collaborating on various stair projects since early 2011. Through the years, Dkor is constantly re-developing their design palate, keeping up with the most recent designer treads, whilst maintaining a knowledge of structure and safety. Each collaboration has been a pleasure and quite the memorable experience. Never a dull moment with DKOR!
These girls a have been one of our most loyal clients over the years. Whether we’ve worked with Ivonne, Kishia, Margaret, Maca, Anna, or Lindsey… Bella Stairs is proud to recommend Dkor’s services to those in search of the utmost high-end interior design services.

Bella Stairs

We have had a professional relationship with DKOR INTERIORS for several years. Their sense of design and energy is a joy to work with. The team always manages to deliver a design that is completely unique to the customer’s needs and tastes. Ivonne and the rest of the firm are extremely dedicated, meticulous and without a doubt, one of the best Design Firms in Florida. We never hesitate recommending DKOR interiors to clients . We always look forward to collaborating with them. A Five Star firm that will exceed your expectations.


We work with DKOR on many projects and they are the consumate professionals. It is a pleasure working with such a great group of pros. Jobs run extremely smooth and timely. I would highly recommend DKOR Interiors.

Interior Deluxe

Creative designers and true professionals. DKOR work is very elegant and clean and they can be as original and fun as their clients wants them to be. Great team to work with!

Camila Laguado – Porcelanosa USA

Working with the design team at DKOR is an absolute pleasure. Their highly professional approach, strong attention to detail and refined taste translates just beautifully into their interiors – as is clearly evident in their design portfolio. We’re confident that the collaborative and “at-ease” relationship they nurture with us as a vendor, is a sure sign of how well they treat their design clients. Thanks for doing what you do, DKOR!

Tufenkian Artisan Carpets

Working with DKOR has been an absolute pleasure. From their incredibly talented & detail-oriented team, to their creative and innovative design, they’re a dream client for any vendor. We’re thrilled to work with DKOR, and know that the future is bright for our collaborations. We are pleased to recommend their services!

Niba Home & Rugs

Working with DKOR Interiors Inc. is an absolute dream. As a design firm they are cutting edge, creative, timeless, and never settle for anything but the highest quality. The customer service they provide their customers with is equally impressive. DKOR Interiors Inc. focuses on exceeding customers expectations through their promptness, impeccable organization, variety of options for projects, and ever positive demeanor. They do an amazing job of handling all of the footwork for their clients and making the design process feel seamless on the outside, while working like crazy to accomplish this on the inside.
I couldn’t recommend them more highly!

AllModern /

I have had the opportunity to collaborate with DKOR’s professional design team for the past two years. They are on the cutting edge of design inspiration and direction for every project. The team consistently resources our newest collections. Their design detail is definitely on the pulse of their client’s elite preferences. I’m happy to be part of their vision.

Janus et Cie

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