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Dear Girls,

A little more than a year ago, Leslie and I stepped into a small office called DKOR Interiors asking for help to design our dream home. After less than one hour, we liked what we saw and decided to move forward. Today we can tell you, thanks to your passion, hard work creativity, and expertise, you delivered us the most beautiful house ever! It’s been a beautiful ride, there were up’s and down’s, frustrations, delays, mistakes but at the same time, great looks, fine details, surprises and in the end, you not only were our design doctors, but you became part of the family, and you should always feel that way. I need you to know that every dollar invested was a huge effort (financially and psychologically), but the real value we really care about is that our house is ready to receive with open arms our friends and family. The lesson I always teach my kids, is that it doesn’t matter how much or what you have, what really counts is what you do with it, and our house will always have guests so we can take care of them. Thank you is a word that is unfair because using it by itself does not cover ALL that you want to appreciate. We can’t thank you enough for everything you did, and at the same time, we need you to know that we’ll always be grateful for your incredible work. We’re happy that our project helped skyrocket DKOR Interiors and we wish you all the best!! This is definitely not a farewell it’s only a show of appreciation we have for you. Once again, hats off to you guys!!!

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