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Hallway Decoration Ideas

Hallways are typically an overlooked space. They are utilitarian rooms used to go from one area of the home to another. But we spend so much time walking through them it is a shame to overlook their design possibilities. There are so many hallway decoration ideas you can incorporate into your home. Hallways provide the perfect opportunity to showcase your beautiful family with a gallery wall; display your favorite collection, whether art or other items; to incorporate a cool design feature; or fill the space with color and pattern through the use of wallpaper.

At DKOR Interiors, our Miami-based interior design team loves to use hallways as the perfect introduction to the style of a new room, blending elements of the room you just left with those of the room you are about to enter. It is the perfect transition.

One of our favorite hallway decoration ideas is artwork. It is a simple way to add color, pattern, and personality to such a small space. Though we do love a gallery wall, comprised of lots of photos or art, we think one large, oversized piece of art makes a bolder statement in a hallway. If you are looking for modern hallway ideas, abstract or landscape paintings are ideal, as you do not need a lot of room—which you do not have in a hallway—to feel the impact of their beauty.

Another cool way to highlight a hallway is to cover the entire space, floor to ceiling, in a wood-look tile. Not only does this make the hallway a bit cozier, it can also make the room appear taller if you install the tile in a vertical arrangement. We particularly like to do this if the main element that ties two spaces together is the wood or wood-look tile used in those spaces.

And of course, when considering hallway decoration ideas, there is always wallpaper. Have you noticed interior designers love using wallpaper in small powder rooms? That is because a little goes a long way and can make such a big impact. The same rules applies to small hallways. A bold wallpaper, whether bright in color or covered in a graphic pattern, will brighten up a hallway and you do not need a whole lot to do so. It truly is one of our favorite modern hallway ideas.

What if you have a hallway that is mostly doors to other rooms? Easy! Add decorative elements to the doors or door frames. You can paint the door frames or doors a bold color, highlight the doors by covering them in wallpaper, hang photos on the doors, and so much more.

If you have a larger hallway, one that is perhaps at the top of a staircase, consider placing a seating arrangement of two armchairs, a small side table, and a rug in the largest spot. It will amp up the cozy factor of your hallway and provide people with a spot to linger a little longer in a room you put a lot of design thought into.

To discover more modern hallway ideas, spend some time looking through our hallway portfolio page, which features spaces we have designed for our real-life clients. We also tackle hallway decoration ideas on our DKOR Living Blog, so follow along there as well.

Hallway Decoration Ideas – Blog Review

Learn more about hallway design with interior design tips and inspiration shared by our interior designers.

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