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Dining Room Design

Many of our clients have growing families and are eager to establish family traditions. Since meals are one big way for families to bond and create memories, we get a lot of requests for updated dining room designs. We have created dining rooms designs of all sizes for our clients, from large dining tables that can seat the whole family—grandparents, cousins, and all—to cozy family-friendly dining nooks perfect for breakfast with just the immediate family.

We work with our clients to ensure their dining room is set up perfectly. There are a lot of elements that go into the perfect modern dining room. We start by gaining an understanding of our clients needs and the space we are working with. We often have to balance client wishes for a dining table that will fit 12, but their space can only fit six people.

Space planning is essential in dining room designs; there are many dimensions to take into consideration. One important measurement is the clearance between the table and a wall or any other element in the space, like a sideboard or buffet; no one wants to pull their chair out and hit something. In order to have enough room for guests to move around comfortably, ensure there is at least 30 inches of clearance between the dining table’s edge and a wall or piece of furniture. However, 48 inches is the optimal measurement to ensure the dining room is spacious. Another key measurement is the size and hanging height for the ideal chandelier. This can vary with the current style, but no matter your taste, that is an important element to get right.

But there is more to the perfect dining room than just space planning. It is important that there be comfortable chairs, a spacious table, enough storage, ample lighting, and much more. We even spend time with some of our clients picking out the right place settings that match the style, look, and feel of the rest of the home.

As our clients are establishing traditions and making memories in their dining rooms, we know the thoughtfulness that we put into our designs helps create the right atmosphere. Since we take every little detail into consideration, our clients are able to enjoy themselves in their dining spaces and are not worried about a thing.

If you are contemplating a dining room renovation or redecorating project, spend some time perusing our portfolio full of dining room design ideas. These real-life spaces are sure to spark your interior design imagination. If you want to hear the stories behind all of these spaces, click over to our interior design blog to discover even more about how we work with our clients to create their dream spaces.

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