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Staircase by Miami’s Best Interior Designers

Another one of those spaces, along with pantries and hallways, staircases are primarily utilitarian spaces—used to go from one floor to the next. But lately, we have seen an emergence of beautiful staircases that have become gorgeous design features in so many homes. They are no longer relegated to boring must-have areas; now staircases are bold, beautiful design elements. And, as interior designers, we could not be happier about it.

At DKOR Interiors, our Miami-based design team works with builders and vendors throughout southern Florida and beyond to create your perfect, beautiful stairs. Whether you want something decorative, something simple, or an over-the-top architectural statement, we have worked with clients to make it happen.

In the past couple of years, we have created beautiful staircases of all styles, from a sleek, modern staircase built to be the center of attention, complete with dramatic lighting, to inconspicuous, but well-designed stairwells tucked out of sight. We have also worked on several staircase remodeling projects, including moving and redesigning it entirely. We love working with our clients to determine the style and design elements they envision in their staircase, but also any needs they might have. For example, we always take into consideration if pets and young kids are in the home when we design a staircase. Safety is key!

Are you searching for staircase decorating ideas? Look no further than our portfolio page, where we are showing off the stairs we have brought to life in our clients’ homes. If you want to dive deeper into how staircases connects to the design of the whole house, check out our DKOR Living Blog. Each week reveal another design we are working on, and most of them include stunning staircase designs.

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