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Modern Foyer Designs

Entryways and foyers are the home’s first impression. It should be a moment of “wow” that introduces guests to your home’s style. It should make a big statement, while also incorporating elements that welcome guests and greet the home’s residents. But how do you do bring that magic into your foyer design?

There are a few key pieces that should always be included in the design of every entry or foyer: statement lighting, beautiful storage, and artwork or an area rug. An entry should exemplify the home’s design, but be a bit bolder and more welcoming. A lighting element, whether a chandelier, pendant light, or a lamp, is key. Sometimes there is no natural light in an entryway, especially in an apartment foyer, but you wouldn’t want your guests walking into a dark cave. The lighting choice presents a chance to offer a taste of your home’s personality, so take some inspiration from the other lighting, like the dining room lighting.

Storage is key, especially if your foyer is the main entrance for kids and pets. Hooks for backpacks or leashes are a necessity. If you ask guests to take off their shoes, providing them a chair or stool to perch on while they do so and then offering a stylish bin in which to place their shoes can help ensure that guests feel welcome from the moment they enter. Trays to drop mail or keys can become stylish design elements as well.

A rug or piece of art can be the perfect spot to offer a hint of style in the foyer. If you are including a rug in your design, it should be durable. The entry will see a lot of traffic, dirt, and possibly mud; sometimes we suggest an indoor-outdoor rug. There are so many beautiful, yet durable rugs out there on the market.

Are you searching for foyer design ideas? Well search no more. The design team at DKOR Interiors has compiled a portfolio page full of beautiful foyers and entries. But if you want to learn more, we have many more ideas over at our interior design blog. So dive in and get ready to make your entry even more beautiful!

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