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Modern Bedroom Designs

Whether you are decorating a guest bedroom or a bedroom for your kiddos, it is important to take a look at all of the modern bedroom designs out there and then pare it down to the ones that work for you. At DKOR Interiors, our team loves to connect every bedroom, even kids’ bedrooms, back to the main design concept of the house. But, we do this in a way that ensures the bedrooms are calm, serene, and relaxing places.

The first thing we think about in a guest bedroom is ensuring all of the necessities house guests will need are available. Extra linens, hangers, a place to store clothes, or even somewhere to put their luggage need to be accounted for. Then, in modern bedroom design, we keep the spaces sleek and minimalist, with touches of comfort. Too many pillows in a guest room can make the guests wonder where they can put them as they get into bed, giving them a basket or bin to toss the pillows and extra blankets into is a considerate move. Nightstands that can hold a glass of water, clock, and offer a place to charge their phones are also important.

In kids’ bedrooms, we consider how many little ones will be living in the bedroom. If there are multiple little ones in a single bedroom, it makes sense to go with a bunk bed, as opposed to a single bed. With kids, there are so many bedroom decorating ideas to consider. You can decorate based on a theme, like sports or princesses, or a color. There is no wrong way to decorate a kids’ bedroom. However, we always suggest considering a theme that will grow with the child as they age, so you are not updating their room each and every year. We also generally add in a desk or play area, if the room size can accommodate it. Giving children their own spaces to do work or be creative, in addition to common areas, is a wonderful luxury if your home has the space.

For even more bedroom decorating ideas, spend time going through our bedroom board on Pinterest to discover designs we have created for our clients over the years. Our modern bedroom designs are showcased on this page, as well as on our DKOR Living interior design blog. In the blog, we talk about the inspiration for the design concept, the stages of design, and share all spaces in the home.

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