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Bathroom Design Ideas

An important space in every home, the bathrooms get daily use, but that does not mean they have to be utilitarian. Instead, the Miami-based DKOR Interiors design team thinks that every bathroom is a chance to extend your home’s style into a smaller space. Though we tend to approach guest, powder, and kids’ bathrooms a bit differently than we approach master bathrooms, we still take all of the little things into consideration. If you have been searching for bathroom design ideas, look no further than our portfolio page, which is bursting with modern bathroom designs to inspire you.

First, let’s start with guest bathrooms. These bathrooms are in the common areas of your home or are the designated bathrooms guests use when they spend the night. We ensure there is plenty of storage for extra towels and linens—guests like to have easy access to these things. It is often best to consider putting both a bathtub and a shower in the guest bathroom, especially if you will be hosting families with young children.

Powder rooms can sometimes be the most amazing bathrooms. These tiny spaces that only house a toilet and a sink are a blank canvas on which to go over the top with design. From bold wallpaper to wall-to-wall marble and everything in between, the sky’s the limit in powder room designs.

If the bathroom’s main users are children, there are even more things to consider. We always keep in mind how the children will use the space now and in a few years. If they are little, things like stools, faucet covers, child locks and more need to be installed for safety and ease of use. But it is also important that the kids can keep the bathroom clean, so it does not fall on mom and dad to clean up. We ensure those spaces are ergonomic and organized so kids themselves can keep the bathroom tidy.

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