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Multifunctional Room Ideas: Family Room Meets Playroom in Oceanfront Condo

One of our recent projects entailed the design of a 4,000-square-foot vacation home for our client at the luxurious high-rise Auberge Beach Residences. She enjoys getting away to the beach with her kids, and wanted to transform the oceanfront condo she purchased into a sophisticated, nature-inspired oasis.

One of the considerations our DKORistas had to undertake was how to make the condo kid-friendly while still executing the design intent throughout. This was especially pertinent in the family/playroom, where our goal — and the client’s goal — was to create a fun and playful multifunctional room idea for the kids without making the space look childish.


When designing this space, our DKORistas considered these multifunctional room ideas: clean lines, contrasting colors, and statement pieces, like the ceiling light fixture, flower area rug, and wallcovering, which add playful elements still in line with the overall design concept.

The final result gives us room inspiration vibes! Our DKORistas were successfully able to blend the two spaces — the family room and playroom/arts & crafts space — to make them feel connected. The placement of the sofa was key to create an optical division between these two areas; selecting a sofa with open partitions and a light fabric helped the sofa not to feel so heavy overall as well. The beautiful part about this functional family room is that each family member has their own personal space to do/create/enjoy, all while being together.


One of the most integral parts of this room’s design is the built-in carpentry, which is not only functional but acts as an important visual element. Using the same finishes on the TV wall and in the arts & crafts area really helps make the whole space feel cohesive.

When designing a space for kids, our goal is to make them feel like they can start playing as soon as they step foot inside. With arts & crafts items in plain view — but organized chicly — this will definitely be the case.

Multifunctional Room Ideas: Family Room and Playroom


Multifunctional Room Ideas: Family Room and Playroom


We designed a custom carpentry desk for them, playing with the size and placement of the upper cabinets. Our design team also included a custom shelf and desk that are the same length as the wall. It’s always nice to have some open shelves to display accessories, and the functionality of this built-in can’t be beaten.

We also took the playfulness of the kid’s area to the next level and added a light fixture that automatically makes you want to interact with it, hanging drawings and momentos. This client also had many beautiful family pictures, so we decided to incorporate them in a gallery wall. The frame selection makes it even more special and unique — here, a floating frame with brass accents looks sophisticated and unfussy. Adding personal items like this to a room can make the clients feel a connection to the home right away. Adding little personal details, it’s something our DKORistas love doing — a perfect family room design idea!

Lastly, one of our favorite design elements of this multifunctional room idea — and one that’s easily incorporated into your own — is color blocking. Combining paint and wallpaper creates an impactful feature in a cost-effective package. In this functional family room, we mixed a bright and playful yellow paint with subtle and elegant text-filled white wallpaper. Custom carpentry shelves on top, aligned with these materials, create a whole design feature that’s unique and perfectly fitting for the client and her desires for the condo overall.

Multifunctional Room Ideas: Family Room and Playroom


Multifunctional Room Ideas: Family Room and Playroom


Multifunctional Room Ideas: Family Room and Playroom

Stay tuned as we reveal the final looks of more rooms in this oceanfront condo soon.

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