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Latest Home Decor Trends – Part 2

Have you read our earlier post on the latest home decor trends, right out of Maison et Objet 2018!? If not, start there… If you have, welcome to its part two!

Latest Home Decor Trends - Maison Objet 2018
BY-BOO booth at Maison Objet Paris 2018

Today we reveal the rest of the new home decor trends we noticed at MO18. From the wall accessories to the greenery everywhere, without forgetting Terrazzo’s huge comeback; you’ll get a taste of it all.

Home Decor Trend #3 – Wall Accessories

Brands at Maison Objet Paris have shown creativity in their wall accessories and we adore it! Have anyone of you had this design project with really tall ceilings and huge plain walls where you are thinking: “this needs something, with textures and interest; 3D objects”, right!? Well, we have, and it is not always easy to find the correct piece(s) to go with the space or the project’s concept.

Yes, art is subjective and does not need to always match the interiors. But it needs to make sense and to flow well with the space and the project in general.


Latest Home Decor Trends - Wall Accessories
Baskets and bowls clustered on walls at Skinny la Minx


Latest Home Decor Trends - Wall Accessories
Pic from Lifestyle Home Collection booth

At Maison et Objet in Paris, booths had an interesting cluster of objects on the walls. These objects did not look originally like they belong on walls. They were actually items you could find in an entirely different area typically.

Also, we noticed brands using more and more lighting clustered within the wall accessories, as in the picture below. The lights created focal points and added interest to the wall accessories arrangement.

Latest Home Decor Trends - Wall Accessories
We love the overlay of lit discs atop the frames at Hamilton Conte


Latest Home Decor Trends - Wall Accessories
Wall planters at Bolia International

Home Decor Trend #4 – Greenery Everywhere

Decorating with greenery is one of the latest trends on home decor! Every booth had greenery. It was amazing! We love plants and want to embrace and celebrate this home decor trend. Brands mixed in tall planters with tall trees and/or foliage to add life to their showrooms.

Home Decor Trends - Greenery
Kersten displayed fun geometric hanging planters


Kersten Booth at Maison Obje
Kersten also had this eclectic vignette with natural fiber planters


We noticed plants on stands, and repetition of planters placed closed to each other. A lot of home decor brands had also hanging planters in different materials. They showcased them in a cluster to add interest to a corner.

In general, the larger and taller, the better. Plants created separation panels and were not only placed as centerpieces on tables anymore. In some booths, such as at Gommaire, the way greenery was placed and arranged, made it feel architectural and strong. The message basically is: “Do not be scared to go big with plants in your home”!

Home Decor Trends 2018
Gommaire’s booth at Maison Objet 2018

Home Decor Trends - Greenery
Large natural fiber planters at XVL Home Collection

Latest Home Decor Trends #5 – The Grid Is Back

Another new home decor trend we thought was interesting and a recurring theme in different places at Maison & Objet Paris was the grid. Do you remember those kitchens with square tiles and the dark grout to highlight the grid effect? Well, it is back… or sort of!

We saw it as a decorative wall pattern, in accessories but also in furniture where tiles are used again. Do we love it? Well… we are interested definitely.

Latest Home Decor Trends - The Grid
Decorative grid on wall at Enostudio


Latest Home Decor Trends - The Grid
Coffee table at Zuiver


Latest Home Decor Trends - The Grid
Planters rocking the grid at Serax

Home Decor Trend #6 – Terrazzo

The last home decor trend we want to highlight today is Terrazzo. We are seeing more and more of it. As flooring, and especially in Miami, we are used to it. It was extremely popular a few decades ago and has been making a comeback in that last years. The fact that it is a sustainable product, and that it does not release any (or very little) chemical has attracted clients.

Latest Home Decor Trends - Maison Objet 2018 - Terrazzo
Terrazzo coffee tables by Triss

The new colors and scale we are seeing today is what makes it exciting. Even porcelain tile companies are manufacturing pieces that are made to look like Terrazzo.

At Maison et Objet 2018 we saw it many times in furnishings and accessories. The pieces above are only a few items that caught our eye… We do like the different color ways brands are proposing it. Looking forward to proposing some of these pieces to our clients in our future decorating projects!

Latest Home Decor Trends - Maison Objet 2018 - Terrazzo
Cluster of square tables in larger speckled white Terrazzo at WR-inspired by sofa-dome


Latest Home Decor Trends - Maison Objet 2018 - Terrazzo
Terrazzo cutting boards by Hubsch

All in all, we are glad we went to Maison et Objet Paris and cannot wait to be back to find out what are the next trends on the European continent. But for now, we will use all the inspiration we gathered, share it with our team and with you, our readers. We loved writing these few lines on the Maison et Objet Paris 2018 highlights and latest home decor trends at Maison et Objet in Paris and hoped you enjoyed it. Next up, we will reveal our favorite home decor findings at MO18… So keep following us!

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