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Home Decor Trends from Maison Objet Paris 2018 – Part 1

Today we are delighted to start sharing with you the new home decor trends, right out of Maison et Objet Paris 2018! If you were not able to attend the show, this is your chance to catch up and get a peek at what is hot right now in the interior design world!

It is true that the Maison & Objet Paris design fair probably represents what is most current within the European continent. But let us be honest: we all like to check out what is happening next door!

We will look today at the two main home decor trends we noticed, and we will show you lots of pictures. Hang tight because, in our next post, we will go over even more design trends we saw at Maison Objet 18!

Home Decor Trend #1 – Color

We have to say, the first design trend we discovered was simply and honestly: color! It seems that grey furnishings and neutral interiors are beginning to fade away. Say hello to rooms full of life and colors! We loved seeing accessories but also larger pieces such as sofas, showcasing blue, green, mustard and more lavish tones. Brands paired them up with coordinating or even contrasting tones to add drama, and we adored it!

Home Decor Trend - Color Maison Objet
Brucs Showroom at Maison Objet 2018


Home Decor Trend - Color Maison Objet
PH Collection’s deep blue sofa with mustard accents


Clay Color


Home Decor Trend Color Maison Objet - Clay Color
Clay overdose at Bolia International

The most popular shade we noticed was this new tone of blushy-rose-ish-brown. We do not kid, hehe, it truly is difficult to describe. This shade is intriguing because you cannot tell what it is at first glance. It is almost exactly the same time as the Sherwin Williams color of 2019: Cavern Clay SW7701. Is that a coincidence?! We doubt it!


Home Decor Trends - Clay World at Domani
Oversized planters in a clay world at Domani


Green Color

In addition to the clay color, we saw over and over, multitudes of green shades and tints. Not only were booths filled with greenery that added to the green palette (more on that later on!), but many brands choose green as their main color for painted walls, wallpapers, and biggest furniture pieces. We adore green and were happy to see this color pushed again; it was already popular last year.

Home Decor Trends - Green Color
Green sofa done right by Hamilton Conte


Home Decor Trends - Green Color
Green vignette at Zuiver

Mustard Color

We also liked seeing more mustard-y tones in objects, poufs and even on larger furnishings. We feel like it was often paired with deep blues which made for a luxurious palette. The teal blue and dusty pink we had seen in previous markets and design fairs were not popular this time around. But oh, do we love the new colors at Maison Paris 2018!


Home Decor Trends - Mustard Color
Color palette at Opjet booth


Home Decor Trends - Mustard Color
New mustard-ish color at Guax booth


Home Decor Trend #2 – Boho-Chic

The next home decor trend we want to share with you today is the cool boho-chic style that brands put forth. Accessories manufacturers and vendors showcased this “found object” style that suits European brands so well. It seemed as if objects and showrooms had a story to tell.

Many booths had collections of curated items and showcased them in tall bookcases. It was as if someone had been collecting pieces over the years, throughout his/her travels and displayed them in a tasteful manner.

Home Decor Trends - Boho Chic
Taller bookcase with collection of items from Lifestyle Home Collection


Home Decor Trends - Boho Chic
Bookcase with eclectic pieces at Lifestyle Home Collection


Home Decor Trends - Vintage Lights
Opjet’s collection of lights felt like vintage jars repurposed

To achieve the bohemian look in your home, select pieces that have textures and are made of natural materials. See the rug, pillows and pendant lights in the vignette below. These all have a strong structure that brings warmth and history to this sofa set up. We love how the brand, Kersten, mixed in metals to add interest. The smooth surfaces contrast with all the textiles’ textures.


Home Decor Trends - Kersten
Kersten also adhered to the found-object look

Some design brands put forth their antique looking pieces, that go along with the bohemian style as well. See the mix of clay jars, wooden lanterns and contemporary darkened silver vases, in the first picture below. The second has the same feeling of a mix of materials and eras. You can see the natural fiber lanterns mixed in with some metallic jars that feel antique. These combos truly feel eclectic with a modern twist: that’s the new boho-chic style out there!

Home Decor Trends - PTMD Collection Pots
PTMD Collection displayed interesting pots


Home Decor Trends - Maison Objet Paris 2018
Hakbijl Glass had beautiful pieces as well

This concludes our post today with the first and main home decor trends we spotted at Maison et Objet in Paris. We are already working on part two… So stay tuned to discover what else we noticed at the international home decor show this year!

“Our clients’ trust and belief in us as designers and a company, push us to have strong creative confidence that we project in our designs. Their trust drives us to constantly challenge ourselves to search within us and around us to be stronger designers.”

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