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Bedroom Styling Tips: How to Decorate Your Room

Are you ready to complete your bedroom design?! Now that we have covered the bedroom design basics, the key pieces and potential bedroom layouts in our previous posts… it’s time to learn how to decorate your room. So, we are thrilled to reveal to you our bedroom styling tips!

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Unfortunately, it is not enough to select the right bed and a great layout for your bedroom. Indeed, the accessories are what make the design come to life. As we have written before, accessories are the jewelry of a space. Take a very simple and neutral outfit, combine it with the right statement earrings or necklace and it will become a “showstopper”.


The first and obvious jewelry to your bed is, of course, the bedding. You can read in our previous article DKOR’s Top Interior Designers Tips for a Luxurious Bed all about choosing the right set of sheets. The look of your bedroom will truly be affected. Imagine selecting white cotton sheets and a white duvet cover with a soft texture, to create a more romantic look. Or rather, go with a dark satin duvet cover with a deep colored sheet set to add some drama! At DKOR, it’s all about finding the perfect sheets that reflect our concept for the home.


Doesn’t everyone love accent pillows on their bed?! It often makes for a great way to add a pop of glamour or fun color to your bed…Although some people prefer to keep it simple and go with fewer pillows. The best pillow option for your bed could be just one large lumbar pillow (in front of your standard queen/king sleeping pillows) that brings out the color of your bed spread.

You might have noticed, here at DKOR, we love a bed that looks elegant and welcoming. We feel that having a few different shaped pillows, arranged in a pleasing layout, can really add to your bed. See our top pillow arrangements below for king size beds. These always make a bed feel cozier and inviting!

On a last note concerning bedding and pillows; how you make your bed is also very important. If you want the perfect look for your bed, we give you the step by step process we follow in our article Dress Your Bed Like a Top Interior Designer.


How to decorate your room with texture? We’ve touched upon adding texture in your bedroom when selecting sheets and the duvet cover in particular. Well, let us insist on this not only for the bedding, pillow and bed throws… but also in other accessories and textiles in the room.


How To Decorate Your Room - Design Tips
(Our Sunny Isles Beachfront Condo‘s kid bedroom with mixed textures)

We adore mixing textures in all spaces, but especially in bedrooms. The various materials will add rhythm to your room and most importantly bring warmth.

Do you have an empty corner? Try placing two wicker floor baskets to place your additional pillows and throws. You feel that your bedroom overall feels cold, install a wall covering with a soft texture. Or try adding window treatment: white sheers will do the trick as long as it has a structure you see and can appreciate from about 3’ to 6’ away. What about the rug? Vendors have been showing us new rug designs with lots of texture, it is the industry’s newest trend.

Style Your Nightstand

Talking about trends, have you been on Pinterest lately? Medium shots of perfectly styled nightstands with the bed peeking next to it are super popular. Creating these little vignettes are quite fun as well. Plus, it is easy to switch it up; play with the flowers or add a small colorful sculpture to bring interest.


How To Decorate Your Room with Texture
(From our beautiful Sunny Isles Beachfront Condo project)

You see in this picture a snapshot of the bedroom. Almost as if you have a little mood board with the colors and materials of the bedroom. Check out other inspiration images on our Nightstand Styling Ideas Pinterest board.

As you see, nightstands are the perfect spot to place key accessories. Our must haves are:

  1. A tray or shallow vessel to hold your phone or your jewelry
  2. A 3D object or stone, adding texture to the vignette
  3. A simple vase, to receive greenery and liven up your bedside table



How To Decorate Your Room - Design Tips
(Greenery in the master of our recently completed Modern Coastal Miami Condo)

Another tip on how to decorate your room – add plants! Greenery makes the space feel alive, open and happy. For us, at DKOR Interiors it is almost as if plants were a therapy in some way. Go big with a potted fig tree in an open corner of your bedroom, or simply use vases with fresh flowers. These green touches with definitely make a great impact in your bedroom, trust us!

This concludes our bedroom tips series. We have given you all our tips and tricks on how to decorate your bedroom. We hope that these bedroom styling tips will give you the confidence to create your dream space. Don’t forget to enjoy the process. Designing is almost like a puzzle; there are often several answers and that what makes it so exciting!

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