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Bedroom Design Tips: #1 The Basics

Welcome to our newest series: bedroom design tips! We are delighted to share with you our design secrets when it comes to putting together the perfect bedroom.

First of all, the room shape or size you have available for a bedroom does not matter. Additionally, do not think you have to plan for a large budget for this space… You can design your dream bedroom by being creative and making the best of your space! Keep reading and you will understand why.


Bedroom Design Tips - Modern Eclectic Home
Master bedroom from our “Modern Eclectic Home” project

At DKOR Interiors before designing any space we always go back to our concept. As you know, each of our design projects always starts with the careful selection of a design scheme. This concept stems out from the family or individual who will be using the space: its end user!

Having a concept helps us in imagining our design features, choosing materials and color palettes for the entire home. It also guides our lighting, furniture and accessories selections. When walking through one of our residential projects, you will see a continuity in the design from the entry foyer, all the way to the guest bedroom… and maybe especially in the guest bedroom! Click here to see our Pinterest board with all our mood boards!

So, here and as always, it is important to think about your concept when designing your bedroom space. What are the colors and materials that correspond to it? Will it be inspired by a soft breeze at the beach? Or by a fresh stream flowing in the mountains? It can also be inspired by a sport, or an art movement, even by music! Do not limit yourself, inspiration is everywhere.

Bedrooms Tips – Nursery

Step 1: Space planning! A crib and a changing station are both the “must have” here. Plan for a small armoire or simply a dresser for the baby’s clothing. A rocking chair makes a great accent piece and is very useful to put the baby to sleep. Have various lighting (general, accent and task) options if possible. Create a soothing mood with accent lights at night. But also have enough general light so that doing specific tasks, such as changing the baby, are comfortable as well.


Bedroom Design Tips - Nursery DKOR Interiors
Nursery from our “Designed Volumes” project.

Step 2: Circulation! Will this space also be a playroom for the baby? If so, add a soft, yet easy to clean, accent rug, where the baby can play. Also, the changing table is the key item for this space. Try to find a table with drawers and plan for a trashcan nearby for easy disposal of diapers! Lastly, avoid any furniture with sharp edges; this way, when the baby is moving around, there is no risk for him/her.

Step 3: Budget! No need for high-end pieces here as your baby will grow out of these specific furniture pieces faster than you think. IKEA®, Serena & Lily and Pottery Barn Kids are typically our first stops when selecting baby furniture.


Kid Bedroom Design Tips


Bedroom Design Ideas by Miami Design Firm
Bedroom design for a younger girl – Modern Eclectic Home


Step 1: Space planning! Plan to have a twin or full-size bed. One nightstand should be enough, an armoire or dresser for clothing and if you have space add a desk (for craft & drawing) area.

Step 2: Circulation! Make sure you leave space for the child to play and/or read. The area can perfectly be a floor space, arranged with a fun area rug. Or, if you do not have the room; use the bed for that purpose. Add funky accent pillows to create a cozy and attractive reading nook!

Step 3: Budget! Do not worry, you can have a creative child’s room without breaking your budget. You can find the basic furniture pieces at stores like IKEA and then go for funky accent pieces and bedding from more specific brands (we love Create&Barrel Kids and Pottery Barn Kids for kids furniture). Remember, they will need a few bedroom updates through the upcoming years, so keep it practical! You can always think of creative ways to reuse existing pieces.


Teen Bedroom Design Tips

Bedroom Design Ideas by DKOR Interiors

Step 1: Space planning! The typical elements are a full or queen size bed if the space allows it. One or two nightstands, a large armoire with hanging space (a closet is even better if you have the space as well!), a dresser and a desk area. If the room is very large, you can also add a vanity area.

Step 2: Circulation! The most important item to consider here is the desk area. Make sure you plan for enough counter space for your teen to do their homework. Moreover, you need a good task light in this area. Take advantage of that and select a fun desk lamp.

Step 3: Budget! Plan to invest a little more into this space, as the items are simply larger than for a younger kid bedroom. However, by choosing the right brands, you can keep your budget on track. Ikea is definitely our go-to brand for everything storage. Coupled with accent pieces from CB2 and West Elm; you have yourself the perfect teen room. For instance, you can install beautiful bedside pendant lights, from these brands. This will create a simple and cost-effective design feature. Check out our Top Three Ways to Create a Stylish Teen Bedroom blog post to read more about how to design the perfect space for your teen.


Master Bedroom

Master bedroom design by DKOR Interiors
Cocoplum Contemporary Oasis – Coral Gables Design

Step 1: Space planning! In this bedroom, you should have minimum a queen size bed and two nightstands. In addition, a walk-in closet is best, but if space is an issue, you can use tall armoires instead. Whenever the space is big enough, you can go with a larger king size bed, maybe even add a bench at the bed feet. For design purposes, it is nice to have the headboard across from the entrance of the bedroom. That way, as you enter the space, you have the bed as the focal point directly across from you.

Step 2: Circulation! Master bedrooms don’t really need any specific clearances. Nonetheless having enough space around the bed to comfortably change the sheets is always nice. Indeed, placing the bed in a corner makes it harder to do the bed.

Step 3: Budget! Do not be afraid to think out of the box to make your bedroom interesting. Instead of having a custom upholstered headboard wall, go for a tapestry instead. Find an interesting flat rug and hang it above the bed. This will create an original design feature! Invest in a nice mattress and bed frame, but the accent pieces don’t need to be high end to make for the perfect master bedroom. Finally, investing in a nice set of sheets is a great way to add to the design. See our article here that goes over how to create a luxurious bed.


Guest Bedroom

Guest Bedroom Design by Miami Interior Designers


Step 1: Space planning! Typically we install queen size beds here, with two nightstands. We like to have an armoire and/or dresser when possible. In here, our concept typically shows more than in other spaces. Clients are more prone to push the design in this space, as they do not use it every day. Read our guest bedroom blog post here, to find out more of these spaces we designed.

Step 2: Circulation! The same rule as in the master bedroom should be applied here. Make sure to have space around the bed to change the sheets. Also, if you have an empty corner, place a cute accent chair there, where guests can place their clothes. It will be functional but also be a nice feature for an otherwise empty corner.

Step 3: Budget! Don’t spend a fortune here, and invest in spaces that you and your family will use every day. Plan to have a comfy bed for your guest but be creative and install interesting accent cost-effective pieces from brands like Modloft, Allmodern,  CB2 and of course IKEA to complete your guest bedroom.


More bedroom tips to come!

All in all, what we have demonstrated to you is that you do not need a large space to create a luxurious master bedroom or the perfect nursery for your baby. With the right furniture pieces, a little creativity and knowing where to look for accent pieces, you can put together a beautiful bedroom! We hope that the bedroom design tips we shared with you, will help you in starting to design your dream space. For our next post, as part of our bedroom design tips series, we will go into specific bedroom furniture and materiality tips, so stay tuned!

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