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Modern Eclectic Home

Interior Design Project in Miami, Florida


This Miami design project for a Venezuelan family with a treasure trove of beloved art and furnishings provided our design team with a welcome challenge. We love finding new life in old pieces and repurposing them in new or more functional ways. That’s exactly what we did in this 4,440 Sq. Ft. modern eclectic home makeover. To guide the DKOR designers throughout the process was their concept inspired by Venezuela’s Médanos de Coro National Park, a stretch of sand dunes on an isthmus, combining the desert and the sea. It spoke to the combination of old and new: the dunes constantly shifting and changing with the wind, while the sea is a constant force that dates back to the dawn of time.


Our team worked on design development and interior design for our clients’ modern eclectic home. We also worked with their existing pieces by space planning the rooms with the clients’ items first, whether that be their furniture or a bold piece of art from their collection of Venezuelan works. After this first important step was complete, we moved on to selecting materials and finishes to complement and finished off by finding furniture and accessories that highlighted the clients’ treasures and completed the modern eclectic home look.


The DKOR Interiors team’s intent in this modern eclectic home design project was to incorporate some of the family’s beloved art and furnishings into the main interior spaces and bedrooms. In addition to working with the family’s treasures, the design team wanted to make the spaces more functional and stylish by updating the home with modern carpentry and elegant details.

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