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Miami Vacation Home: Bedrooms Inspired by Sailing

We love designing vacation homes for our clients! Because they’re not a main residence, we can often bring to life designs that might be too intense, or even too calm, for a client’s day-to-day life.  This Miami Vacation Home in particular features a sailing-inspired design that might look out of place anywhere else; luckily, this beachfront condo is located in a Sunny Isles building that’s just a stone’s throw from the water.

Each bedroom in this family home reflects the residents but also stays true to the look and feel of the design.

Master Bedroom


Miami Vacation Home by DKOR Interiors
Design intent by DKOR Interiors

Parents deserve a relaxing retreat from the day, right? And what better place to give it to them than in their Miami vacation home. This master bedroom reflects the calmness of the breeze as you’re sailing across the ocean.

Setting the tone for the room is the metallic-flecked wallcovering, which will give off a subtle sparkle in the daylight. A tufted headboard lends even more texture to the room’s backdrop. Blues and grays of all shades are reflected throughout the room, from the bedside pendant lamps to the accent pillows. (You might see table lamps on the design intent but we decided to go with the nostalgia pendant lights instead)

Miami Vacation Home by DKOR Interiors
Master Bedroom – Design intent by DKOR Interiors

Across the room, an entertainment center continues the nautical theme with worn walnut wood, a driftwood lamp, and gray finishes.

Girls Bedroom



The girls’ bedroom adds just a hint of femininity to the nautical design. Weathered wood and tufted headboards mirror the look of the master bedroom, while quilted pink fabrics give the room a personality of its own. A quartet of paintings draws the eye up, leading it to the room’s real showstopper: the chandelier. Sweetly fringed, it mimics the layers of waves on the ocean to drive home the design without being too obvious.


Boys Bedroom



This sports-themed space is pure boy! Plaids, soccer posters, and industrial hints dominate the design, but don’t worry, we’ve stayed true to the nautical nature of the home. The headboards resemble steamer trunks and there’s plenty of blue hues to be found in the rug and the faux cracked-paint wallpaper.

Loving what you’re seeing? Take a peek at the common spaces of this Miami vacation home and stay tuned for the big reveal.

Miami Vacation Home – Site Progress


Master bedroom – In Progress


Girls Bedroom – In Progress


Our design team during a site visit


Jade Signature Views


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