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Inspired by Sailing: A Family’s Sunny Isles Vacation Home Design

Located in the stunning, exclusive Jade Signatureone of our favorite buildings in the area—our next project is what vacation home dreams are made of. Our clients, a family from Mexico with little kids, has selected a 53-story building that just oozes luxury, from the three floors dedicated to amenities to the lush garden landscaping, as the perfect spot for their vacation home.

Though we do have some tips and tricks for designing vacation homes, it’s really all about understanding the style and needs of each individual family. And, when you’re designing a home in a building as stunning as the Jade Signature, why not look to it for a bit of inspiration?

Our design for this Sunny Isles Vacation Home is a modern take on nautical, with each room representing either the beginning, in-transit, or destination phases of traveling the high seas on a sailboat.

Some rooms will evoke a feeling of departure, of starting out on a journey of discovery. Other rooms will bring to mind the feeling of catching air and riding the waves, wind in your hair. Finally, some rooms will evoke the feeling of arriving at a much-desired destination, ready to create memories.

Inspired by Sailing: A Family’s Sunny Isles Vacation Home Design

To bring our design inspiration to life, we’ve compiled a myriad of materials. Wood in an array of finishes, from bleached oak to rustic to walnut, capture the woods on a boat, from the deck to a sleek stateroom. Glossy lacquer is reminiscent of a boat’s siding, sleek and crisp enough to cut through the waves. A variety of blues, especially in striped patterns, and textured rope harken back to classic nautical design while chrome finishes woven materials help steer the design in a decidedly modern direction.

Inspired by Sailing: A Family’s Sunny Isles Vacation Home Design

Sunny Isles Vacation Home – Design Elements

In order to cement the design inspiration, incorporating other elements of life on a sailboat is a must: breezy materials that blow in the wind a sail does—adding volume one minute and then contracting; surfaces that reflect their surroundings as the hull of the boat reflects the water; and the layers and depth created by patterns, wood, textiles, and deep textures paired together in a confined space.

These elements will be incorporated into everything from lighting to furniture. Stick around and stay tuned for our next post on this stunning Sunny Isles vacation home project.


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