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Read These Interior Design Tips for Decorating with Wallpaper

There are different decorative materials you can use to create a simple change with a big impact in your home. We’ve already shared the most commonly used material by designers to update a space: paint. Today, let’s talk about decorating with wallpaper! Wallpaper is another amazing decorative material you can apply to your interiors for an instant upgrade.

Wallpaper has been around for centuries, but new technology has taken this classical decorative material to a whole new level. Between the different types of patterns, textures and its own content, today you have thousands of options.

So where should you start, and why choose wallpaper in the first place?. This blog post will cover the main features you should know before decorating with wallpaper.


Decorating with Wallpaper - Designer Tips

Wallpaper, also referred to today as wallcovering (because not all are now made out of paper), is a cost-efficient way to change your interior.

Decorating with wallpaper is a way to change your interior space without too large of a commitment. Imagine yourself wanting to change out your space every few years. With wallpaper, it’s possible and more cost-effective than to reinvent the space entirely by tearing out walls or changing the interior carpentry.

All wallcoverings will add depth, and depending on the design, can add movement and warmth to a space. There are thousands of patterns, colors, and textures to choose from so you can be sure to find one you absolutely love.

Wallcovering content nowadays is much more resistant. Manufacturers imitate fragile natural wallcoverings in vinyl, which look stunning and almost identical to the original natural wallpapers!


Decorating with wallpaper - Bedroom Design


It is true that wallcovering is more expensive than paint a space to freshen it up. And we’ve mentioned, paint is a great way to spruce up a room (see our last posts on paint here), although wallpaper will take your space a step further and make it feel more luxurious. You do have to consider its cost though. Not only will you need to buy the paper, but remember to calculate the cost of installing that material as well.

We always recommend using a trained professional for wallcovering installations. Otherwise, you could ruin the paper. Also, working with an interior designer will not only help make sure that wallpaper fits in your overall budget but also to verify dimensions and quantity to purchase.

Although, if you choose to DIY, keep reading for some interior design tips to consider while measuring.


Do not panic if you see your budget won’t allow you to install wallcoverings in your entire home. Our Miami designers actually love using wallcovering on one (strategic) wall within a room. They do that to create accent walls or focal points in a space.

Decorating with Wallpaper – A Cozy Den Design


Now that you know where you will be decorating with wallpaper, calculate the quantity of material you will need.

The best way to measure the quantity you’ll need to purchase is to calculate the linear meters in your space. Combine that with the height of your ceiling and you’ll figure out the final amount.

The tricky thing is that the quantity will depend on the type of wallpaper you buy. Some wallpapers can be cut after you lay the first strip, and then right next to the first strip can go the second one. But some have repeat patterns that you must respect. In this case, you need to purchase a larger quantity and there will be more waste.


Today, you’ll find wallpaper even at the local Target store. They have a cost-efficient option that is removable. This is great if you’re renting! You can go that route and DIY your space, but keep in mind that this type of product is meant to last for a limited time only.

If you’re looking for a longer-lasting option, head to your closest interior design store and check out options with the designers.

At DKOR Interiors, we are lucky to have our sister company DKOR Windows & Walls at an arm’s reach. Typically, when clients come in for presentations, our interior designers pull from DKOR W&W’s endless inventory of amazing wallcoverings. We all love to hang out with Margie, the owner, who knows everything about wallpapers and window treatments!


  • When purchasing wallcoverings through a store, make sure you bring your wall dimensions with the ceiling height, and they will help you calculate the accurate quantity.
  • If you are purchasing online, carefully read the wallpaper specifications. They will tell you how the material has to be installed. Combined with your wall dimensions, you can figure out how much you need to purchase.


Due to new technologies, vinyls are now almost perfect imitations of natural materials. For example, grasscloth, which is a sensible material not recommended for heavy traffic areas, can be found in vinyl, and it looks stunning!

Phillip Jeffries is one of our professional interior designers’ favorite vendors because of its large selection of vinyl. And trust us, do not fear that these products look like plastic because that couldn’t be farther from the truth.

Our Miami-based team loves to use vinyl in bathrooms and other humid areas in the house. It’s the perfect way to create a cozy space without risking the wallpaper getting ruined because of water damage.


Wood Imitations

You wouldn’t believe what’s available on the market today. Wallpaper manufacturers have been developing some stunning wood imitations, and we love to place them on accent walls to create a wow factor.

Textile Imitations

These are typically textured wallcoverings that add a lot of depth to interiors. Our designers use them a lot to warm spaces up.


Definitely, on top of the list of most used wallpapers at DKOR, these are typically very dimensional and add a luxurious feel to any space. There are many variations of textures and as mentioned above, you’re not limited to low-traffic areas anymore. Just go with vinyl!

Bold Patterns

Wallpapers with fun patterns are a great way to add movement and a wow factor to your interior.


There’s nothing better than a touch of shine to lighten up space, making it feel luxurious and elegant!


We must say that wallpaper is probably our favorite material. Decorating with it however can be tricky and the end installation might not live up to your expectations if the material has not been installed by a professional. Having a professional wallpaper installer is key to make it look as beautiful as it should be!

Another tip our interior designer revealed is about seams. Yes, on Pinterest you will see plenty of wallpaper options that do not show seams… that’s false! You always see the seams! But that is also what makes it beautiful. Our designer suggests “embracing the seams” and playing with them to make them part of the design.

Decorating with Wallpaper - Designer Tips


If you’re picky about this, make sure you talk to your installer and decide beforehand where the seams will fall on your wall. See if there is a way to minimize seeing them. For example, placing seams behind a furniture piece or off-centered.

Are you ready to wallpaper your entire space? Or will it simply be on a key accent wall to wow your guests as they come into a particular space?

We want to leave you today with a few other great actual residential project images for your wallcoverings project. We hope these will inspire you to create the space of your dreams!


Decorating Kids Bedrooms with Wallpaper – Contemporary Home Renovation by DKOR Interiors


Decorating with wallpaper - Powder Room Design


Decorating with Wallpaper - Designer Tips
Craft room of our interior design project “Contemporary Twilight


Decorating with Wallpaper - Designer Tips
Breakfast Room – Modern Wonderland Project

Decorating with Wallpaper - Designer Tips


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