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Behind the Design: Luxury Home Spa

Can you imagine having your own luxury home spa? It’s a reality for the clients at our Hallandale Beach interior design project. This brand new 8,000-square-foot home is full of luxury design and stunning modern interiors, including a wellness spa the clients can enjoy at any time.

As our clients were creating their forever home on this luxury property, we listened to their dreams and expectations for each space and made sure to cross out all the items on their wish list.

Our clients were committed to health and well-being in their daily lives, so they decided to create a space where they could have a private relaxation experience; a place to get pampered in the comfort of their new dream custom home.

The design team took the challenge and started designing the best luxury home spa ever! Our designers worked on selecting beautiful materials and creating a design that’s to die for, but they also thought about all the practical details. We wanted to build a well-equipped luxury home spa where our clients could do different spa treatments, from getting their nails done to enjoying a massage.

Let’s take a look at the design intent for this luxury home spa.


 Luxury Home Spa design by DKOR Interiors


 Luxury Home Spa design by DKOR Interiors



The room also includes a private bathroom. See the design below:


As you can see, we selected rich and unique materials like stone and wood. They set the tone for the wellness area creating a modern, contemporary look. Calming hues on furniture and wallpaper add to the spa mood.

The floor plan was created to meet the requirements for the space, which includes specific areas designed for different spa purposes. We included an area for a salon chair, massage bed, makeup vanity, storage solutions, and a tv unit for entertainment while being spoiled. It also included a sofa bed to provide extra space for guests when needed. Our designers outlined the areas to create flow within the space.


Now let’s talk about the final look of this dream oasis. It’s amazing how the combination of materials created a one-of-a-kind aesthetic for a relaxing effect in this luxury home spa.

 Luxury Home Spa design by DKOR Interiors


As a feature on the bathroom door wall, our team created a wrapping effect with accent wallpaper installed on the ceiling and an exotic tundra polished stone on the wall, adorned with LED lights.

We installed mirrors on one whole wall to bring the complete luxury spa experience. Window treatments add privacy to the space and subtle yet efficient lighting sets the spa mood desired for at-home pampering.


 Luxury Home Spa design by DKOR Interiors


If you like this luxury interior, make sure to check out the rest of the spaces in this Hallandale Beach residence designed by the DKOR team.

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