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See the Interiors of a Hallandale New Construction Home

We are so excited, no we’re ecstatic, to share with you a true labor of love for our design team. We first introduced you to this Hallandale new construction project back in 2018. Back then, it was an empty shell of wood framing and concrete walls, but it had so much potential.

We checked in on the project in 2019 to share the renderings of our interior design plan. And now, in 2021, we’re finally ready for the final big reveal!

But first, we’ll provide a little reminder of the process. Our clients wanted this forever home to be a place their grown children and extended family could visit a few times a year. Bringing everyone together in comfortable, well-thought-out spaces was a must for our clients. 

In this family (both our clients and the DKOR team), comfy doesn’t mean a space is without style. We had a lot to play with here: 8,000 square feet, 24-foot ceilings, and a design aesthetic that evoked millenia of woven designs to create a layered, deep feel.

Needless to say, texture abounds, color envelopes, and family is central.

Get ready to step inside our client’s Hallandale new construction home.






In the entry, a pair of emerald pendants and an emerald ottoman play off the gem-shaped mirror. It’s a stylish and dramatic entry to this home. The custom floating console table, a combination of Carrera marble and rich wood, is woven together flawlessly.

As you move into the home and peer back at the entry, you can see how the open walkway on the second floor looks as if it ties the living room and the entryway together.

The same marble flooring and wood wallcovering is used in both spaces, connecting them and providing a seamless flow. 




Hallandale New Construction - Living Room Design


To call this room “great” would be a disservice. This room is grand, stately, majestic. Every single inch of the 24-foot ceilings is used. Floor to ceiling curtains mimic the waves of the impressive floor to ceiling Michaelangelo stones behind the sofa, but don’t distract from it. 

The natural kaleidoscope-looking stone is a stop-in-your-tracks stunning centerpiece for the space. It’s so inspiring that our design team pulled the color scheme of the room from it: calming blues, greige, and amber-y oranges.

A dusty blue sofa centers the seating arrangement that offers enough space for the whole family to gather around. A greige-cream pair of chairs and ottoman offer more seating without distracting from the featured wall. The chairs’ organic shape continues that feeling of movement in the space. 

Before you exit the space, look up. A trio of circular chandeliers adorn the ceiling, illuminating the room.



Hallandale New Construction - Dining Room Design


Hallandale New Construction - Dining Room Design


Opposite the seating arrangement is an imposing dining room. Woven leather wall panels nod to the home’s design aesthetic but don’t take away from the wall art they’re paired with. The greige-cream color is pulled through from the living room onto the dining chairs here. The whole grouping is contrasted with a deep-hued dining table and wall paneling behind it.



Hallandale New Construction - Kitchen Design


Continue through the dining room to enter the kitchen and breakfast room. A pair of new marbles are introduced in this space that can accommodate the entire family’s appetites. Black Galaxy marble is found on the back countertop and the island, while the floating countertop is a warm calcutta gold. The design of the island mimics the interlocking design of the entryway’s console.

The wall covering from the entry and “great” room is pulled into the kitchen on the finish of similarly hued cabinets. Smokey glass light fixtures, with their ombre look, connect the dark light hues in the kitchen. 

The common areas of this stunning Hallandale new construction home are interwoven with tiny details that connect each space, making this large home feel comfy, cozy, and well-thought-out. 

We are so excited to share the finished spaces of our Hallandale new construction project with you! It’s been years in the making, but well worth the wait. What’s your favorite design element? 

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