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Tour an In-Progress Turnberry Sunny Isles Condo Design

Nestled in a Turnberry Sunny Isles, Florida, luxury condominium building, our next project is all about seamless transitions.

Our clients are moving from a home to a condo, so we wanted to make the change as smooth as possible. We did so by ensuring every inch of the 4,485-square-foot condo fits their needs and taste.

Located in one of the two towers at the Turnberry Ocean Colony, a lavish residential enclave in Sunny Isles, the condo has four bedrooms, five and a half bathrooms, an expansive great room, a study, and a family room. Creating cohesion between all of those spaces is our design concept inspired by a collection of undersea treasures.

Using nature-made textures (stone, wood, sea, coral, etc.), repetition, and a focal point highlighted by outline, we aimed to recreate the feeling of a sea-found object framed and encapsulated to ensure it’s treasured and loved.

To continue the pulled-from-the-earth vibe, a color palette of mostly gray-blues mimics the natural gradient of the ocean. Reflective mirrors, translucent glass, and unique marble selections from Opustone resemble the surface of a calm, tranquil ocean.


Pops of rust, petroleum blue, and ecru are reminiscent of brightly colored fish, coral, and other sea creatures dotting the sandy ocean floor. The accent colors, along with bronze finishes and warm woods lend a cozy, welcoming feel to the design concept.

Get ready to take a tour of this in-progress Turnberry Sunny Isles condo!

Turnberry Sunny Isles Condo Design

Elevator Foyer

Turnberry Sunny Isles Condo Design

In the elevator foyer, you get a little taste of the sea-inspired design with a natural stone wall and deep blues on wall art, and an upholstered bench. The same wood carpentry that envelops the elevator door will be carried throughout the home to create a connection from the moment you step off the elevator.

Entry Foyer

Turnberry Sunny Isles Condo Design


Turnberry Sunny Isles Condo Design

Once inside the front door, the same wood carpentry and natural stone can be found on the walls, but the design is kicked up a notch with a slate blue accent wall and a glass box highlights our clients’ objet d’art A floating console table sheathed in leather and accented with luxurious stitching can hide all of the entryway must-haves chicly.

Living Room & Dining Room

Turnberry Sunny Isles Condo Design

In the open concept great room, a combination of the kitchen, living room, and dining room, we used design to transition between the spaces and employed a sliding door system to create distinct spaces—and physically separate them when necessary. When stacked, the doors open up the room, but when closed, they separate the living and dining room from the kitchen for privacy.

Because the common areas are meant to be lived in as one unit, the living and dining rooms have a similar feature.  A blue-hued marble creates a platform on which to show off artwork, open shelving, and a prism-inspired console table.

Large-scale wall art brings in accent colors and creates a stunning focal point. Much like the showcase box in the entry foyer, the objects on the glass shelves are even more focal points that are meant to be seen. Amber-tinted glass backed by LED lights helps to warm up the room and focus attention on the accents on the shelves.

Eventually, the living and dining room will be filled with furniture. The furniture pieces and layout will give us more opportunities to unite the spaces with design and to create the separation of two distinct spaces.

We’re excited to keep working on this Turnberry Sunny Isles condo and show you even more spaces in the future. Stick around to see it all!

In the meantime, we invite you to visit our In-Progress portfolio. You will find the details of all beautiful homes we’re working on!

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