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Modern Dining Room Lighting: AlexAllen Studio Pendant Fixture

When designing a room, lighting is so important — especially decorative lighting. This kind of residential lighting is one of our designers’ favorite ways to add a decorative element to create a strong visual impact and adjust a room’s mood. Lighting choices in your home impact the ambiance of each space, so it’s important to guide your selections based on the mood you want to create.

As any other selection in each of our projects, the decorative lighting selection needs to relate to the general concept of the home. For this dining room, for which we shared a few details about in a previous blog post, our interior designers wanted a light fixture with an extraordinarily stylish design to create a bold impact. It was very important for the modern dining room lighting to be unique.

Modern Dining Room – Design Intent 

Dining Room Design Intent by DKOR Interiors


The Chord pendant from AlexAllen Studio was exactly what our designers were looking for. The Chord pendant gave us the opportunity to go bold in pattern and color to complement the materiality in the dining room as well as the straight lines of the table and buffet piece we selected. When the light is turned on it creates a subtle glow, enough to provide light and to enhance the brushed brass finish selected. This Alex Allen Studio addition provided the perfect finishing touch for this room.

With our color blocking concept in mind, we wanted to find a fixture that had a minimalistic, yet impactful design. We found the Chord Pendant and immediately we fell in love with it. “ Lead Designer – Marianna Cerullo

Chord Pendant – Details

Chord Pendant AlexAllen Studio


Chord draws inspiration from minimalist jewelry, and its metal finishes and details exude the same refinery and elegance. Is available in different metal finishes: Mottled Brass, Gunmetal Black, Bronze, Satin White.


About Alex Allen Studio

AlexAllen Studio is a young brand, founded in 2013 by Alexandra Burr and Allen Slamic. The company is based in Gowanus, Brooklyn. The design duo works in the fields of lighting design, furniture design, and architecture.

Founders Alexandra and Allen believe design is about balance, proportion, and refinement. Therefore, the brand uses these values as a guide to create beautiful, minimalistic and innovative lighting designs that stand out from the other in the market. Want to know more about their collections? Check out AlexAllen Studio website.

One more thing we love about the brand is that they are always looking for better methods to make their design smarter, more sustainable, more efficient and more accessible.

Chord Pendant AlexAllen Installation


Also, the process of installation was very easy and straightforward with the certified electrician. Because we wanted to showcase the architectural features of the light we make sure to bring it close to eye level placing it 30” HT from the tabletop.


Chord Pendant AlexAllen Installation


Modern Dining Room Lighting – Final Look


Modern Dining Room Design - Chord Pendant


Modern Dining Room Design - Miami Designers


Modern Dining Room Design - Miami Designers

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