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Key Elements of Miami Interior Design

Miami Interior Design

Key Elements of Miami Interior Design
DKOR Interiors – Interior Design Project in Miami, Florida 2012

While you are building a new home or revamping your current home you will likely debate whether you want to hire a professional interior design firm to handle the design and decorative elements of creating your space. This is highly recommended due to a variety of factors including:

· You save time.
· You save money.
· You save stress.
· You can take advantage of the experience and knowledge of the designers for creating the home that is perfect for you.

There are several key elements to creating a Miami interior design. Reviewing these can help you to understand why furniture, color schemes, and wall décor are only pieces of a larger puzzle. Key aspects of the interior design process include:

Evaluating Your Lifestyle

Everyone has different needs from their home. Their lifestyle choices, hobbies, and family configuration make a major impact on what they will need from their interior designer. This means that you need to carefully evaluate your lifestyle and what you like to do so that you can advise your interior designer. You may not realize that different design elements can make a difference in the functionality of your home, but an interior designer can select a layout and other features that can help you to go through your life enjoying your home and performing your daily tasks more easily.

Miami Modern Home Interior Design Project
DKOR Interiors – Interior Design Project: Modern Home in Miami, FL

Maximizing Space

Very few people really desire small, cramped spaces within their home. Within interior design there is a constant habit for designers to seek to maximize all space that is available in a home. This means that every room, every corner, every nook and cranny will be used to the best of its ability—even if that means simply creating the optical illusion of more space so the entire area feels less smothering. You can expect interior designers to implement a variety of multifunctional features within small areas, and utilize commonly overlooked spaces such as the upper parts of walls and inside of non-working fireplaces to add decorative and even functional design elements.

Miami Modern Home Interior Design Project
DKOR Interiors – Interior Design Project: Modern Home in Miami, FL

Speaking to Your Personality

It is important that your home reflect your personality and personal tastes. It doesn’t matter how beautiful an interior designer thinks the project turned out, or how much he insists that the interior design plan he is proposing is “on trend”, if it doesn’t appeal to you, it is not right for your home. Your home should be a place where you feel absolutely comfortable, relaxed, and surrounded by the things that you love. This doesn’t mean that you have to fall into the same clichés of others that share your taste. You can still encourage your interior designer to utilize creativity and uniqueness while incorporating the design elements and themes that are important to you. What matters is that the finished project is an interior design that is distinctly “you” so that as soon as you step into the space you feel at home.

When discussing your project with an Miami interior design firm, don’t hesitate to ask about their process and philosophies. Make sure they are people that you would want to spend a considerable amount of time with and feel could make a beneficial difference to your home.

Miami Modern Home Interior Design Project: Powder Room
DKOR Interiors – Interior Design Project: Modern Home Powder Room in Miami, FL


“Our ability to truly listen and understand our clients’ needs and style is what fuels our creative process which evolves into the innovative designs that we have become known for."

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