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Interior Home Decoration: A Modern Living Space with Transitional Vibes

How exciting for us to reveal today sneak peeks of this unique home we have been working on. This little gem is dear to our DKORistas’ hearts. Not only because of the great connection we built with our clients, but also because it is mainly an interior home decoration project. We love these as they often have a quick turnover and we get to see the end result shortly. Ideally, we always have a few of these to balance out our larger new construction projects that can last up to two or three years!

Before we show you the common areas… Let us review quickly our design concept for this decorating project. We wanted to offer the clients an opportunity to bring in their love for contemporary design in a tasteful and elegant manner, but also accommodate for the unique transitional hints they were fond of.

Interior Home Decoration – Design Concept

We were inspired by fashion and textile constructions. In particular, we looked at iconic fabrics and noticed nowadays how they are interpreted in unique ways. The classic tweed, herringbone and houndstooth are all recognized everywhere. But how the designers decide to combine them and present them in outfits, for example layering all these strong textured fabrics, was what intrigued us.


Interior Home Decoration - Design Inspiration
The timeless, classical element with a contemporary, unique twist


Do you see the connection there? Classical fabrics – meaning more conservative and transitional items – presented in a contemporary, modern manner. That is our project! Using contrast, rhythm, and layers, while emphasizing classical lines, we offered our clients to find the perfect balance between a modern home with transitional nuances.

Based on their color taste and our inspiration, we developed the below color and material palette. See how it relates to iconic textiles and how classy it feels. In addition to textures in fabrics, we imagined using elegant patterns to add interest and a unique touch to the home’s interior design.

Living Spaces

To give you foremost a glimpse of the space prior to our DKORistas’s magic, take a look at the “before photos”. The space was full of potential but feels small and ordinary. It is somewhat narrow and typically will be quite challenging to furnish. In this space, we needed to accommodate for a dining and a living space!

Interior Home Renovation - Living Room
BEFORE PHOTO – Living Room



Interior Home Renovation - Dining Room
BEFORE PHOTO – Dining Room


Below you can see the design intent our top designers presented to our clients. Notice how the concept translates in the beautiful lighting, furnishings and carpentry features. The carefully selected pieces rhythm the space and ground the two separate areas: the living and dining room. Our design team also created the design for the paneling on the back wall. It truly is a classical element (decorative moldings are found in the most traditional homes!) reworked in a modern fashion.


Design Intent – Living Spaces

Interior Home Decoration - Design Intent
Design Intent by DKOR Interiors


Living Room

Now, check out these fabulous “after snapshots”. Can you link the end result to our concept? We sure do… You will see it below, in the living room interior design. The different layers complement each other; the carpentry creates rhythm in the back, while the furniture adds interest with the mix of materials, and finally, the accessories finish up the spaces by adding pops of colors and additional textures.

Interior Home Decoration by DKOR Interiors - Living Room Decor


Interior Home Decoration by DKOR Interiors - Living Room Decor


This modern living room decor is classy and refined… Is it not crazy what a few curated accessories can do to a space? It transforms it, simply. Our Aventura FL interior designers went to local design and furniture stores to find final home decor pieces on staging day. However, and for the larger accessories and accent lamps, they were picked and approved ahead of time. This is important in order for the home interior design to truly feel unique, and to reflect our client’s taste!

You will not find the stunning dining room wall art randomly in local stores. You may find something that works, but if you or your client are looking for the right size, color, and material: plan ahead of time! See below the dining room “after photos”; the chandelier is amazing and brings that warm hint of brass, but the art piece is what makes this space feel distinctively special.


Interior Home Decoration by DKOR Interiors - Living Room Decor


Interior Home Decoration by DKOR Interiors - Living Room Decor


Dining Room

Interior Home Decoration by DKOR Interiors - Dining Room Decor


Interior Home Decoration by DKOR Interiors - Dining Room Decor


Interior Home Decoration by DKOR Interiors - Dining Room Decor


Interior Home Decoration by DKOR Interiors - Dining Room Decor


Keep following us and the progress of this decorating project here on our interior design blog. We want to continue to share with you all our tips and tricks of the trade, as well as show you what our exceptional interior designers do for our clients every day! We believe that we help our clients live better, fuller lives in happy and elegant environments for them and their families!

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