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Interior Design for New Builds: The Process of Designing our Contemporary Oceanfront Retreat

We love working on new construction projects! We get to be part of a dream home creation from the very beginning, and what’s not to love about that.

Interior Design for New Construction
Contemporary Oceanfront Retreat – Fort Lauderdale, FL.

Often, clients can be confused as to when the interior design process starts in a new-construction home. We understand! When a home is just a blueprint on paper in an architect’s office or studs and cement on a construction site, it can be difficult to understand where interior design begins. It’s not just accessories and furniture selection.

Having an interior designer involved from the beginning can help guarantee that the interior environment of your home is tailored to your every need, desire, and lifestyle element. Not to mention, it can save you time and money, avoiding redos when you want to add design elements suggested by a designer.

For example, what about the j-box for that beautiful kitchen fixture you fell in love with? An interior designer can make sure your new build is outfitted with one right from the get-go.

Though, with all of that said, the DKOR Interiors team can work with you and come into your design project at any phase. Whether you’re only looking for decorating services, your new-construction home has just been dreamt up by the architect, or any point in between, our Miami-based interior design team can help.

Now, settle in as we walk you through the phases of the interior design process.

Interior Design Phases: Interior Design for New Builds

We’re going to use our Contemporary Oceanfront Retreat project as an example to show you how a new-construction home is a collaborative effort between architecture, building, and design teams. We teamed up with Bomar Builders to bring to life a warm contemporary design in this 10,000-square-foot home in Fort Lauderdale. Our design concept was inspired by the De Stijl movement, a return to orderly design popularized by Piet Mondrian.

For this project, as with all others, we loved working closely with these partners. Because our clients on this new-construction project contacted us early in the process, we had the opportunity to work with the architect from the beginning.

In phase one of the new-build interior design process, the DKOR Interiors team was able to guide the general finishes selections and make suggestions for how the floor plans can be improved according to our clients’ lifestyle. And, one of the most fun parts of the interior design process. We were able to propose custom interior elements that aligned with the architecture of the home, rather than retrofitting ideas to the existing architecture.

Modern Minimalist Interior Design in Fort Lauderdale 8
Check out the space planning that went into creating this stunning shared living and dining space. We worked with the architect to ensure at the placement of everything from the fireplace to the built-in credenza was perfect. – Contemporary Oceanfront Retreat


Modern Minimalist Interior Design in Fort Lauderdale 7
Contemporary Oceanfront Retreat


After making sure the home’s layout was functional for our clients’ needs, we started creating special designs for each space. Each design was planned exactly for the family and their day-to-day activities. Like whether they’re a family who prefers a casual nightly dinner or loves to watch movies together on the weekend.

 New Construction Homes – Interior Finishes

In this part of the interior design phases, we set up a budget for materials. After the budget is defined, we start working on the first layer of the design. This first layer includes all of the interior finishes (a.k.a. everything that goes on the shell and walls): hard surfaces, flooring, cabinets, doors, windows, and more.

Interior Design for New Builds Home - Stairs Design


Interior Design for New Builds Home - Stairs Design


Interior Design for New Builds Home - Stairs Design


The material selection phase is the foundation upon which our team can shape and design beautiful (and functional) spaces that perfectly translate our clients’ vision into reality. We chose materials that aligned with our color and material palettes: soothing gray tones, complemented by beachy accents.

Inspiration Behind a Contemporary Oceanfront Retreat 8
Inspiration Behind a Contemporary Oceanfront Retreat


After we select the finishes, our design team provides the builders and general contractor with detailed specifications and construction documents. We provide this information to ensure the materials are installed properly. Later, we follow the construction process through as many site visits. These can be, weekly or monthly, as are required to answer any questions and ensure everything goes as planned.


Interior Design for New Builds Home - Living Room Design


Interior Design for New Builds Home - Living Room Design


Interior Design for New Builds Home - Living Room Design


Just take a look at this stunning 20-foot-six-inch fireplace. It’s a beauty, right?! The pattern of quartzite slabs with exaggerated seams and mitered edges was incredibly important to get right, as it cements our design concept, a nod to the grid-like patterns of the De Stijl movement. Creating this work of art took collaboration and a partnership with the builders to bring to life. And boy, does it look great!

Dining Room Interior Details

Interior Design for New Builds Home - Dining Room Design


Interior Design for New Builds Home - Dining Room Design


Interior Design for New Builds Home - Dining Room Design


All of these design phases are part of the process when we work with a client on a new-construction home. Next is furniture, lighting, accessories, and more. We can’t wait to show you what this waterfront home looks like with all the finishing touches. Stick around to find out! 

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“Our ability to truly listen and understand our clients’ needs and style is what fuels our creative process which evolves into the innovative designs that we have become known for."

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