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Home Styling Tips: Decorating Your Sofa with Throw Pillows

Have you ever heard us talk about the design layers in our projects? Yes, you must have if you have been following our interior design blog! For those newbies to DKOR Living, we like to separate a design project or a home into layers as well as give you a few of our home styling tips.

Layer #1 is the envelope: the walls, the architecture, the floors, windows, architectural lighting etc.

Layer #2 is the furniture pieces, accent lighting, and textiles: window treatment, rugs, sofas, coffee table, chairs, pendant lights, wall sconces, chandeliers etc.

The final and, we know you won’t believe us but, most important layer is #3, the accessories: vases, books, accent pillows, throws, greenery, planters, plants, wall decorations, frames etc.

Do you know why? Because it can make or break the design. A few pillows and other miscellaneous accessories placed in the correct spots can enhance and change entirely a room… it really transforms a house into a home. It is that important!

Most of us get confused with home décor accessories and do not know where to start. Have you ever walked in a Marshall’s Home or even a West Elm and were overwhelmed? We get it, we’ve been there… There are lots of options when it comes to accessories!

We want to help, and for that reason, we have started a mini video series with home styling tips that you can check out on our YouTube channel here. The first video in the series demonstrates the steps we followed to decorate the gorgeous Minotti sofa in our Breezy Miami Estate living room, with throw pillows.


Step 1: Gather all your throw pillow options and begin with a clean slate

Tip: Shop around and try mix and matching pillows from different brands, it will always feel more unique. Our favorite pillow shops are Thread Count, West Elm, Deny Designs, Minted or Society 6. Make sure you have pillows of different size and shape.


Home Styling Tips by Miami Interior Design Firm


Home Styling Tips by Miami Interior Design Firm


Step 2: First layer the larger neutral toned pillows

Tip: It is pleasant when these larger pillows are all the same size and similar in tone; to create a strong ensemble.

Home Styling Tips by Miami Interior Design Firm


Step 3: Add accent colors, texture and patterns!

Tip: Be playful and try out a few colorful pillows, mix sizes, shapes, and colors here. Make sure to always have the smaller pillows in the foreground. For example, we like to have one kidney shaped pillow in the front of larger pillows.


Home Styling Tips by Miami Interior Design Firm


More Home Styling Tips – Step 4: Stop and step back to see how is everything looking.

Tip: Maybe go adjust something in another room, and come back 5 min later, with a fresh eye!


Step 5: Wait! You can always start over and switch out your throw pillows.

Tip: In the end, it’s about having fun with the process, so yes, start over if you want to! And remember, we’re always our worst critics, so be nice to yourself, please.


Home Styling Tips by Miami Interior Design Firm


Home Styling Tip 6: Don’t be afraid to go bold with textures and tones to get the perfect look!

Tip: Throw pillows that add texture, and/or contrast in material from your sofa fabric, always add a wow factor! The trend right now is everything “woven”.


Home Styling Tips by Miami Interior Design Firm


That’s it! We’ve completed our throw pillow arrangement on this sofa. Now you try it and let us know how you did with these home styling tips!

Continue checking out our YouTube channel for more videos on the power of accessories and home styling tips on how to do it like a design professional. Next up, is how to style your kitchen island!


Home Styling Tips by Miami Interior Design Firm
Breezy Miami Estate – Residential Interior Design Project in Miami, Florida

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