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How a High-End Miami Interior Design Firm Works with Vendors

How a High-End Miami Interior Design Firm Works with Vendors

At DKOR Interiors, our trusted local vendors are the backbone of our extended family, so it’s important to develop and maintain good working relationships with each of them. After all, without them, we couldn’t complete our design projects!

As a junior designer at DKOR, I’ve spent a lot of time researching the best resources for interior furnishings and materials. Sometimes we pair up with our vendors at the beginning of a project, and we collaborate on the design for 6 to 12 months. Other times, we turn to them for the finishing touches. But no matter how long we’re working with a vendor on a project, we always do three things that keep our relationships with them strong:


1. We Rely on our Vendor’s Expertise


At our High-End Miami Interior Design Firm, we take advantage of the fact that the vendor either created that product or has intimate knowledge of it. We trust their advice on finishes, how a material will wear, and so much more. We combine our knowledge of what our client wants with the vendor’s expertise to find the best products and solutions for each client’s space.

2. We are Thoughtful and Respectful

Respect is the cornerstone of every good relationship, and this one is no different. The selection process isn’t always easy, and we often work with multiple vendors on one piece, eventually deciding on just one vendor. We respect the vendor’s time, and are always honest with our vendors throughout the process.

Often, we’ll request product samples from our vendors. This allows us, and our clients, to see the materials, texture, color, and more in real life. There’s nothing like touching and feeling a product! When we do this, it’s important to respect the products and return them in a timely manner, so that, even if we don’t use the product, someone else can!


3. We Communicate

We are always in touch with our vendors before, during, and after a project. We communicate the progress of a project, and if a project is completed we share photos and stories from the reveal. Even if we aren’t looking for a specific item, catching up with a vendor helps us stay up to date with the latest trends and products in the market.

We genuinely love working with each and every one of our local vendors. They’re more than colleagues, they’re family; so we work hard to maintain our relationships with them. Check out our High-End Miami Interior Design Firm’s  favorites:



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