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DKOR’s Intern experience at Miami’s Top Interior Design Firm

Let’s Do It!

Hi! My name is Ugo. I am a spatial design student in France, and when I was looking for an internship I reached out to DKOR Interiors located in Miami, Florida. I was fortunate to accept an internship position at Miamis top interior design firm, and that is how my amazing experience began.


On my first day I have to admit that I felt lost despite my excitement of being at Miamis Top interior design firm. It was Monday, which perfectly coincides with DKOR’s Monday Morning Meetings. This is where we collaborate to discuss all current projects, what has recently happened, and what needs to be accomplished that week. During my first meeting I felt overwhelmed when our team discussed relevant topics including details about projects, vendors, clients, and samples. As a curious individual, I wanted to become more comfortable with the material and wisely spent my first days looking at various presentations and files to increase my familiarity.

A valuable aspect about working at DKOR was not being told what to do. Depending on the individual, this can be viewed as a positive or negative perk. True to many internship positions, regular protocols like answering the phones, scheduling deliveries, and taking care of returns, were experienced each day. I chose to go beyond what was expected of me because I believe that your experience is what you make of it. My contributions to the DKOR team are entirely up to me. It was rewarding to be trusted since my first day on the job, as that allowed me to become someone better than the person I was when I first walked into DKOR. I was always trying to make myself useful which amazingly increased the intensity of this experience. With my patience to develop a deeper understanding of each project, I was able to ask project managers and designers if they needed assistance on a particular task. As I inquired more, I was astonished to find that these incumbents were asking me to do more and more for different projects.


Every day at DKOR is unique and amazing. When you step foot in the door here, you become part of a family, and feel at home. It sounds cheesy, but I am guilty of loving it. There is something special about being among people who are passionate about what they do for a living. These same people are eager to pass on their knowledge to you. When I am lost, there is always someone willing to provide assistance to guide me to find the correct answer. DKOR is an environment that shares, whether it be passion, time, or thoughts, and ultimately displays this in their work as they improve the lives of clients through interior design. I am fortunate to meet great people at DKOR and particularly enjoyed getting to know Ivonne. She is the founder and created DKOR with her heart and soul. The goal of DKOR is not to create a beautiful space, but to think of a unique design to provide a home that reflects who the family is. They’re a Miami based interior design firm designing homes around the world that define luxury through personalized design.

Reflecting back on my journey, the hardest thing was not travelling to a new country, or even diving into a new work environment that I knew nothing of, but leaving it.

Thank you to all the members of DKOR for this amazing experience.

To be continued!


DKOR Interiors is always looking to mentor potential interns. If you’re interested in spending sometime with our team, please reach out to us at Don’t miss out on the opportunity to work with Miamis Top Interior Design firm.

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