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Decorating your Miami home – Finding your Interior Style vs. Loving a Trend

Are you Decorating your Miami home? So you’ve moved into a new home, beginning the process of building a new home, or simply looking for something new in your existing home. These are all exciting new ventures in life! Now, the problem may be that your spending all your time on Pinterest, Houzz, and design magazines; tagging and pinning many ideas. Overall, as a whole your ideas may look like your moving into 3 or 4 new homes. DKORistas do not fret!  We are going to share with you some insight on finding your interior style versus loving a trend.

The key word to finding your interior style is ‘mood’. A mood board is a curated selection of favorite pieces but more so, as whole, the mood board gives off a feeling. Whether its spunky or relaxing. Start out with focusing in on what type of mood you would life for you home. A crisp clean feeling? Warm and cozy? Colorful and eclectic? Once you’ve determined what mood you are looking for, focus on gathering images that give you that feeling. Focus on the mood.

The mood to this den is a cozy hide away to relax in. Notice the use of multiple textures avoid the palette selection having a ‘muddy’ look. Lets send the trend that year, or color that the client loved was teals and blues. Added through art work is a perfect away to embrace a trend without the long term commitment.

Trends are great. They are new and fresh ideas to bring into your life. Key words, new and fresh. Meaning as trends change, your favorite trend will most likely evolve as well. When adding interior trends to your home be sure it is through pieces that are not permanent or investment pieces. The best are to add trend through that third layer, the accessory layer. Accent pillows, art work, decor objects. etc. If your feeling bold with your trend, try adding a side chair or paint on the walls.

Decorating your Miami Home
This particular bedroom debuts how an eclectic mix of furnishings can still feel cohesive in Decorating your Miami Home Fall in love with a timless bed selection and dress the room with funky accent pieces, like nightstand, side tables and chairs.
Miami Modern Home by DKOR Interiors
This den at the second floor landing is playfully outfitted for a childrens hangout. But the kids grow up or their favorite color changes, paint inside the top niche can always be painted and funky bean bags can be changed out to a statement chair. But the architecture of the home still maintains the clean and simplistic mood.

The key to a Decorating your Miami Home is ensuring that its mood is timeless. At DKOR Interiors we manage to do just that while adding a unique spice to each space.


“Our clients’ trust and belief in us as designers and a company, push us to have strong creative confidence that we project in our designs. Their trust drives us to constantly challenge ourselves to search within us and around us to be stronger designers.”

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