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Celebrate St. Valentine’s Day with One of our Favorite Decorative Vases

February is the month of love, which means Valentine’s Day is not far off. Now is the time to add some romance to your home with arrangements of fresh flowers. And the best way to show them off is by using decorative vases. Flowers are always one of interior designers’ favorite ways to brighten up any space and make sure love is in the air. (Check out our tips on decorating with flowers.)

Being imaginative when decorating with vases is the best way to display your flowers. If you are looking to create a romantic vibe in your home, but don’t have that perfect vase to show off your gorgeous bouquets, this post is for you.

We’ve rounded up some of our favorite decorative vases that you can buy online and which will make the perfect statement for any space in your home. Our designers’ choices are beautiful and functional and are certain to fit any budget.

Take a look at our selection of home decor vases and pick your favorite to start setting the mood for Valentine’s Day. Then, all you have to do is assemble a lovely floral arrangement and enjoy the romantic atmosphere you’ve created in your home!



We hope you like the recommendations our designers prepared. This post contains affiliate links for your convenience.


Black Marble Decorative Vase

This diminutive 4” black marble vase by CB2 makes a big statement. Each of these charming black spheres with white veining is unique, and will add a cool touch to your decor. We recommend pairing it with a single tall stem for a dramatic effect.


Jimena White Round Vase

The Jimena White Round Vase combines a generous shape with a minimalist look to create an elegant statement. Crafted from glazed clay, it features a delicate rim, perfect for holding a bright spray of flowers. It’s the perfect focal point on your table or console.

Cylindrical White Vase

Cylinder-shaped decorative vases are elegant and beautiful because of their timeless shape. What we love about this one is its hand-applied fan-like ruff collar at the top – simple and classic. Use this vase for a dozen tall-stemmed roses to celebrate the month of love!


Alura Cream Open Vase

The unusual shape of the Alura Cream Open Vase by CB2 really caught our eye. This delightful textured ring of cream-colored porcelain has a small opening at the top to show off a tropical leaf or single blossom. You can even leave out the flower and use this decorative vase as a stand-alone statement piece.

Ceramic Table Vase

This minimalist round ceramic vase reminds us of the beautiful, iconic female gender symbol. Its soft curves have a definite feminine appeal. Add a single flower and it’s the perfect decorative vase to celebrate the month of love.

High  Matter Gray Glass Decorative Vase

This contemporary glass decorative vase with a matte gray finish is crafted by Studio 55D. Almost a foot tall, it is perfect to showcase a beautiful tall-stemmed bouquet. For tips on displaying this appealing decorative vase, check out this side table idea.

Tall Brass Vase

Tall Decorative Vases

Threshold’s Tall Brass Vase with a lacquered finish is as bright and shiny as a wedding ring. Chic and shiny, it’s just waiting for a bouquet of red roses. And at $15, it’s a bargain!


Large Sandy Modern Vase

Decorative Vases

We love the neutral sandy color of this heavy stoneware vase by Threshold, as well as its edgy bottle shape. Gorgeous enough to display solo, it is also the perfect decorative vase for your favorite Valentine Day’s flowers.


Large Tinted Glass Decorative Vase

Decorative Vases

This Large Tinted Glass Vase from Threshold™ is another one of our top choices for decorating with vases. It features a modern cylindrical shape, and a neutral tinted finish that easily coordinates with any decor. Its transparent glass finish makes it ideal for your favorite dried flower arrangement.


Marjoram Clear 29” Glass Table Vase

Decorative Vases

The elegant and timeless glass table vase may be a splurge, but you’ll be thrilled by the statement it makes. At over 2 feet tall, it is the perfect decorative vase for a tall flower arrangement.

We hope this selection of decorative vases will inspire you to think about decorating with vases throughout your home. Filled with an assortment of flowers, they will add a mood-setting vibe to help you celebrate the month of love!

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