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Canadian Interior Design – Edge of Modernism: Concept Presentation

Canadian Interior Design – Edge of Modernism: Concept Presentation 

Now back to our work in progress in Winnipeg, Canada. Last time we gave you the background to our clients’ new residence, and today, we’re showing you our Concept Presentation designed around this ultra modern Canadian interior design project.

As you may recall, this house with sharp edges is located in a rustic, natural surrounding. So, for our Concept Presentation, we created the concept of “Blend of Elements.” We conveyed this with striking photographs of glistening lakes with reflections of gorgeous trees, an angular and very geometric house overlooking the water, shimmering glass and a relaxing sailboat atop the calm ocean seas. As Interior design is a creative process, the concept relies heavily on the influence of nature, architecture and emotion.


For the idea of “Texture,” our team presented the idea of “playful movement, nature influence and shine.” They illustrated these concepts with photos of stiff woven linen, origami paper sculptures and the beautiful grain of natural wood.


In addition, we had an idea of “colors from nature intensified,” which we demonstrated with deep orange skies, pink and purple sunsets over an autumn sky, azure blue water and a close-up of an orange-red leaf.


With the plans and the construction photos of the residence, we knew we could play on the natural light from the large windows and frame the gorgeous, leafy outdoors. The concept needed to complement a Canadian Interior with a Miami Flair. We conveyed these ideas to our clients with photo inspirations from homes, which blended together the natural textures of wood, stone and marble with modern furnishings and hanging light accents. Also, we wanted to dramatize the vertical feeling from the expansive windows and the warmth from the furniture. Some of the references also had pops of deep colors, such as red and dark grey. Let’s take a look at some floor plans and more next time.

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We pride ourselves in surpassing the focus of design by delivering luxurious and innovative homes that directly correlate to our client’s needs.

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