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Brickell Interior Design Inspired by Wabi Sabi


A balance of energetic forces. A play of light and dark. An exploration of the beauty that can be found in organic, imperfect materials. Our latest Brickell interior design project is a serene expression of the Yin-Yang Theory and the Japanese design philosophy of wabi sabi. A reflection of our clients relationship, it demonstrates the harmony that can be found between opposing forces that complement each other on an intrinsic level.

Our clients are putting down their roots in Florida with this beautiful Brickell Flatiron condo. For this project we are collaborating with CH CONSTRUCTION GROUP. We’ve created this pared-down, elegant design as a timeless and inspiring place that will allow our clients to take a breath and relax in the midst of a busy city.


Even more specific than the Yin-Yang Theory, we narrowed our focus to the design philosophy of “wabi sabi”. This idea rejoices in the beauty of imperfection and impermanence. To do this, we incorporated natural textures, weathered wood, subdued colors, organic shapes and handmade materials.


While each design element we’ve used shines in its own unique light, together the rooms create a compelling sense of ease. You’ll find a balance between clean lines and curved edges as well as dark and light materials that spark the imagination. 

Movement and dynamism in the materials and furniture create a sense of flow that guides you through each space. Natural textures bring a sense of warmth and authenticity to the home.


Elegant and understated, we chose a foundation of neutral colors with a few pops of muted greens and pinks to evoke a tranquil atmosphere.

Wood, stone, and organic-inspired wallcoverings are featured throughout this Brickell design condo, lending a sense of warmth to each room.

The imperfections in these natural materials are celebrated, with visible veins and wood grains adding character and texture. The overall effect is one of serenity and balance.

Brickell Interior Design - Materials



As you enter the condo, you are greeted by this stunning contemporary foyer, which has a clear play between dark and light forces. To set the tone, we’ve used organic textured wallpaper in beige that matches the exact shade of the tile flooring.

We’ve contrasted this light hue with a black marble console table and dark wood door. Above the table hangs a striking black and cream abstract painting, which adds a bold touch to the otherwise minimalist room. Simple, timeless and modern, this foyer makes a strong statement as soon as you enter the home.

Calming and clean, the hallway that leads from the foyer evokes a sense of mindfulness. It may be narrow, but the light walls and floor create a sense of spaciousness. At the end of the hallway hangs a large painting of the face of Buddha, which draws the eye and invites contemplation.

Within the same hallway, this statement wall features several works of art. In the center of the wall is a large, golden art piece with connecting circles that evoke a sense of balance and energy.

The artwork is hung on a panel of the organic wallcovering that is used elsewhere in the foyer. Flanking the artwork on the ground are two black sculptures that contrast with the gold to create a striking display. 


Brickell Interior Design

Minimalist and welcoming, the dining room is a perfect example of how a well-designed space can elevate a dining experience. We’ve integrated some of the same natural materials from the foyer and added a small tree to bring a touch of nature indoors.

While the space exudes simplicity, we’ve incorporated a built-in niche for our clients to display their glassware, artwork, and other objects of significance to share some of their personality with guests.

The artistic light fixture in the center of the ceiling is the highlight of the room. It features glass orbs that cast a warm and inviting glow, adding a touch of ambiance to the space. The circular bulbs also parallel the gold artwork hanging in the foyer.

From this view, you can see the beautiful wooden dining table, which seats eight. It’s an ideal place to entertain or gather the family. Next to the dining table, you’ll also glimpse the separate seating area, which provides a cozy and intimate space for guests to relax and chat before or after dinner. The entire room design promotes connection and conversation without distractions.

Stay tuned as we are going to be revealing more of this condo in addition to our other Brickell interior design projects! 

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