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Nature-Inspired Interior Design at Auberge Beach Condo

The Auberge Beach Residences provide luxury living on pristine beachfront in Fort Lauderdale. This exclusive, contemporary high-rise offers 1- to 5-bedroom residences with top-notch amenities and breathtaking views. We’re excited to be turning an Auberge Beach Condo into a second home for our client – who lives in New York with her two kids – to use as a vacation getaway.

The family loves to spend their summers at the beach and she trusted us to design a new permanent destination for them to enjoy.

To make their dream a reality, our design team combined two units and remodeled them to create a 4,000-square-foot, one-of-a-kind residence with an interior design inspired by nature.

Design Concept – Auberge Beach Condo

The design concept of this Auberge Beach condo is inspired by the “waves of nature” — think of ripples in the sand, crests in the water, the undulating curves of leaves and flowers. Instead of a literal interpretation of the beach, this is our take — purely inspired by our client. Her love of curves will come through in patterns on the walls and in decor, and in the rounded edges of the soft contemporary furniture.

Color and Texture

To help transport our client and her guests into nature upon stepping foot in the door, our DKORistas are layering texture and pairing color to impart our signature style in these nature-inspired interiors. Contrasting light and dark wood, woven textiles, velvet, and dimensional wallcoverings create a feast for the eyes. Unique painterly patterns and accent colors in a range from olive and forest green to slate and Aegean blue tie the whole organic concept together.


Auberge Beach Condo Accent Colors



Auberge Beach Condo - Color Selections


Decorative lighting will play a huge role in the execution of these beachfront interiors. Again, we’ll combine finishes and colors to create a deeply layered look that makes the interiors look chic and sophisticated. Simple but elegant glass pendants in beautiful watercolor shades will pair nicely with contemporary wall sconces and fixtures that have unique, dramatic silhouettes. Plenty of track lighting will create needed illumination for specific tasks and highlight furniture and decor. While overall, the decorative lighting will act as a piece of art in each room.

On Site

Our DKORistas are in progress on this Auberge Beach condo as we speak. Take a look at some photos of our recent site visits.

Condo Interior Design - First Site Visit
During our first site visit, we took key measurements of all spaces.


Condo Interior Design - Meeting with GC and Client
Later, we did a walk-through with the general contractor and clients.


Auberge Beach Condo Interior Designers
Site visit to check progress on site

Fort Lauderdale Interior Designers During Site Visit
The general contractor and design team at the job site – Reviewing ceiling design

Stay updated on the latest news on this condo design! Next, we’ll share the design intents for the common areas. See you here soon with more design inspiration! Meanwhile, to get some sneak peeks on the progress, be sure to follow us on social media and look for the #ModernBeachfrontCondo hashtag.

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