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Milan Furniture Fair 2022: Symmetry and Asymmetry In Design

The 60th edition of Salone del Mobile in Milan in June made such an impression on our design team. For that reason, we are continuing our series of blogs about our experience. After a two-year pause due to the pandemic, this Milan furniture fair 2022 was as inspiring as ever. We’d like to continue sharing what we learned with you!

We have already written about the color trends at this year’s Milan Furniture Fair 2022 in Anahi’s blog, as well as furniture trends as identified by Pablo. In this blog, we offer you our thoughts on the fair ’s overall features and highlights, in particular examples of symmetry and asymmetry in home design.

We attend the fair not only to see all the latest introductions, but also to get inspiration from the booth design of some of the best known brands.

We appreciate how manufacturers create beautiful environments to showcase their newest collections, keeping in mind the importance of integrating the current trends with captivating elements to create an interesting visual experience for attendees.

The focus of this Milan Furniture Fair 2022 recap is on the design features that stood out. It touches upon a very important consideration that inevitably comes up during our first meeting (a.k.a. style meeting) with new clients. During this meeting, when we ask them, “Do you gravitate toward symmetrical or asymmetrical designs?”

While it may be difficult for clients to answer this question immediately, once we show them a few inspirational photos to explore and analyze, we are able to elicit a response.

I would like to connect this concept to what we saw at Salone del Mobile, the Milan Furniture Fair 2022. The focus of its 60th anniversary was on bathrooms and kitchens. So, let’s start by examining these two very important rooms.


This year, we noticed a playful and asymmetrical kitchen layout in many of the displays we visited. You can see how the two islands are connected by a bridge in the photo below. This allow the bridge to also serves as a bar and entertainment area. Creative and unconventional layouts were definitely a trend in kitchen design. Read more about other trends here.

It was very eye-opening to see kitchens that were laid out more for entertaining and as an architectural feature than as a functional room for cooking only.


Also, we noticed the playful way in which vanity manufacturers showcased their fun and unique designs in bathrooms.  Below, you can see a very unique vanity design that can even be an inspiration for a design feature.

milan furniture fair 2022
salone del mobile 2022
Salone del Mobile 2022


The bedroom layouts we saw included a mix of design and architectural features. You can see it in the images below! Our takeaway was that the bedroom need not be overdesigned with every single wall having a focal point, which creates an experience that is not relaxing.

The headboard is evidence that the symmetrical placement of carpentry is still the most important factor in design. However, by being a bit more playful with the design of the nightstands while keeping their finish consistent, it is possible to achieve a symmetrical design with a small twist to keep it simple.

milan furniture fair 2022
milan furniture fair 2022


At the Milan Fair, we made note that the integration of wood texture with solid lacquer in paneling is still a current and timeless design feature. At our Miami-based design studio, we love to work with the asymmetrical placement of carpentry features, which can help disguise a column, a door, or any unevenness in the room so it is not a focal point.

The design of the booth from Misuraemme was one of my favorites because it incorporated a mix of materials, shapes in paneling work, shelving for accessories and storage. If you look closely, you will see that a small portion of slats was incorporated as well.

If you feel the design shown above has too much going on, consider a simple symmetrical design feature such as the one below, which creates an impactful and timeless design.

milan furniture fair 2022

Are you partial to an asymmetrical or symmetrical design? I hope this post helped you visualize the difference between the two. These examples will help you decide which one you prefer for your future dream home.

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