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Lighting up our interior design studio with the best ARE Lighting selections

Our interior design studio is showcasing some pretty impactful light fixtures thanks to ARE Lighting, DKOR’s lighting source in Miami!

As you already know, every interior design project is unique and special for us, but definitely a project we were extremely excited about was our new creative studio. What could be better than having a new, spacious and beautiful workspace? Having amazing vendors who helped us to enhance every single part of it!

As a way of saying “THANK YOU,” we’ve been featuring these vendors as a part of our “Thank you,” post series. (In case you missed it, take a look at our previous posts HERE.)

Lighting is a key element of good interior design and as interior designers, we take it very seriously. After developing our lighting plans, we started the search for the perfect light fixtures for each space. Lucky for us, ARE Lighting’s donation fit perfectly in our studio!

Their team of entrepreneurs have over 30 years of experience in the lighting business and represent some of the best established brands in the world. We love their wide range of products because of their high quality, durability and innovation and that’s why we have been working with their amazing team for several of our residential interior design projects around Florida.

Take a look at the light fixtures around DKOR’s studio and THANK YOU AGAIN for all of your support throughout the build out of our new interior design studio.

Looking for lighting in your new home? check out their website or step into their incredible showroom in Miami.

Showroom Location: Are Lighting LLC, 136 SW 8st Miami Fl 33130

THE HOUSE – Main conference room

interior design studio
Lighting fixtures that are both decorative and functional in our main conference room.


Interior Design Studio
AIM ceiling light – Designed by the Bouroullec brothers  (Photo credits: FLOS USA)





interior design studio

Willy 100 Pendant Light by Enzo Panzeri from Zaneen (Photo credits: Zaneen)

Thank you for Lighting for lighting up our studio!

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