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The glamour of DKOR’s Hollywood Regency Project on Marie Claire México

DKOR Interiors - innovative interior design
Living room of our interior design project “Hollywood Regency


DKOR Interiors is spreading the joy of innovative interior design around the world! Working on international interior design projects has given us the opportunity not only to connect with the international design community but also to have a better understanding of the popular interior design styles and trends in different countries.

We are finding that our innovative interior design work and expertise is inspirational beyond our own borders and this fills us with great pride and satisfaction. The DKOR Interior design team is so honored to be featured on the May issue of Marie Claire México & Latin American magazine, one of the most read lifestyle publications in Latin America.

“Hollywood Regency”, our unique and glamorous South Florida vacation home project was included on the well-known deco section of the Spanish magazine under the article titled “El juego de la vida” composed by Pedro Zurita.

innovative-interior-design_DKORInteriors2The article invites readers to become fearless when it comes to the use of bright colors in innovative interior design and encourages the mix of colors, textures, and fabrics. The spaces of DKOR’s residential interior design project located in Sunny Isles, Florida are showcased as an example of a sprightly use of colors in the creation of charming interiors.

Colors are a powerful design tool; the smart use of them can really make a statement in any interior space. Innovative interior design is about willing to try new things and create distinctive designs through the smart use of patterns, colors, textures, and materials. As designer’s we see the neutral hue color palettes ruling interior design trends. Although the use of bold colors can be considered risky, we constantly encourage ourselves to go beyond our comfort zone and are often amazed with the possibilities color brings to interior design.

“Hollywood Regency” was a particular interior design project that was based on our clients’ needs and their love of the Hollywood glamor style.  This design inspiration allowed us to enhance the vacation home with bright color combinations and by adding geometric patterns with pops of colors throughout the different rooms.  The welcoming bright yellow foyer and the  coral red colored master bedroom suite are just a few of the bright colors blended throughout the residence. Get to know more about our Sunny Isles project HERE.

The key to using bright colors while designing home interiors is to create a balance through the different layering of the colors on the wall, furniture, and accessories. The selection of colors layered can complement one another by adding different elements in the accessories. When choosing your color scheme, don’t be afraid to use textures and patterns in the color combinations.  This helpful tip will allow you to create a dynamic design that energizes your favorite space.






A big thank you to Marie Claire México & Latin American’s editorial team for this featured, helping us to share the interior design inspiration around Latin America.


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