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DKOR Interiors takes on Ft. Lauderdale Interior Design – Concept

A little over a year ago, a couple approached us about their Ft. Lauderdale Interior Design project. We were immediately excited about the project because of the couples background in the hotel industry and their high expectations for the interior design of their home, and our service along the process. This means that the process needed to be equally as important as final result. Typically our clients ask us for a “light, contemporary home with the use of natural materials,” but this was a bit different. They wanted a contemporary Ft. Lauderdale Interior Design with a more edgy take while still feeling timeless. So how do you mix, “beachy, rustic, contemporary, light, modern, elegant, refined, edgy” and make it look “effortless?”

We started from the outside in. Using the architecture as an inspiration for the interior and bringing in certain elements that would bring the outside in. We Used the exterior steel C channel as an inspiration and brought it’s shape and color inside the house through the details in the interior architecture and custom mill work. What began as a blank canvas with lots of shared spaces slowly evolved into an effortless contemporary spaced delineated with natural materials and a relentless attention to detail. Each day we get closer to turnover and we CAN’T WAIT to share the final results with you. Stay tuned… Next we’ll share with you all the work behind this Fort Lauderale interior designed home. .

To take a look at the original renderings of the architecture of this home: CLICK HERE!

Here’s a peak of what’s yet to come!!

Ft. Lauderdale Interior Design, Fort Lauderdale Interiors
Fort Lauderdale Interior Design presentation

Ft. Lauderdale Interior Design Project, Fort Lauderdale Interiors
By wrapping natural materials throughout the Fort Lauderdale interior we achieved warmth and proportion to each space. We layered materials creating outlines that we later embellished with metal accents to add refined details throughout.

Ft. Lauderdale Interior Design Project (3)
We limited the variety of materials throughout but balanced them well between muted natural stones with organic movements and bold metal accents. We warmed the spaces with warm woods used glass and its reflection to add elegance to the spaces.

Ft. Lauderdale Interior Design Project (10)

Ft. Lauderdale Interior Design Project (5)
Curb Appeal on this Fort Lauderdale home was definitely on top priority. A pool of water surrounds the home and glimpse of the wine storage and the staircase show through even before you’ve been welcomed inside.

Ft. Lauderdale Interior Design Project (6) Ft. Lauderdale Interior Design Project (7)

Ft. Lauderdale Interior Design Project (8)

Ft. Lauderdale Interior Design Project (9)

OKAY ENOUGH!! As much as we’d love to show you more… then it wouldn’t be a surprise!

Stay tuned for more behind the scenes photos of what it takes to build a luxurious Waterfront Ft. Lauderdale Interior Design.


“Our ability to truly listen and understand our clients’ needs and style is what fuels our creative process which evolves into the innovative designs that we have become known for."

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