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A Bachelor Pad Lounge Inside a Brickell Condo

For this sleek yet inviting living space, our designers created a multifunctional design to meet the client’s wishes. From a built-in bar and tv storage unit to a chic incorporated dining area, every element is designed with lounge-like luxury in mind. Our client wanted the living room of this Brickell condo to feel like a contemporary lounge, so we ensured there was plenty of seating, a moody color palette, and functional built-ins for storage.

Bachelor Pad Lounge - Brickell Condo Design
Photo by: Alexia Fodere


With the open concept of this living area, our designers came up with a creative solution for the layout. Our goal was to separate the spaces without an actual physical division, so we created a unique dining area solution that incorporates the living room sofa. You can lounge on the Freeman sofa by Minotti and set a glass of wine on the table, or relax in one of the two leather chairs, swiveling to face the table or the kitchen bar. This design allowed us to maximize the space for the client, who didn’t want a large dining area but still needed a place to have dinner. Our solution offers a practical place for a casual meal, as well as an elegant spot for cocktails and entertaining with the rest of the lounge space.


Bachelor Pad Lounge - Brickell Condo Design


Bachelor Pad Lounge - Brickell Condo Design


Since this living space was inspired by the idea of a sophisticated Miami lounge, the color palette needed to be appropriately moody and rich. We used a mix of high contrast pieces, from the off-white sofa and glossy black coffee table to the white marble dining table and matte black walls. Then, we layered in pops of color with dark blue velvet pillows and a contemporary rug. The camel leather swivel chairs brighten up the whole space, adding a luxurious feel.

Behind the sofa, modern wood paneling adds visual interest with vertical slats, designed to match the custom TV wall on the other side of the room. The right lighting was key to creating a chic Miami nightlife vibe. We ensured the lounge had plenty of accent lighting, rather than just a single overhead light, to create a moody, inviting feel. A sleek picture light illuminates the artwork above the dining table, while accent lighting above the wood paneling brings a bit of drama to the space.


Bachelor Pad Lounge - Brickell Condo Design


Bachelor Pad Lounge - Brickell Condo Design


This lounge combines both form and function, thanks to the seamless layout and chic color palette. Interesting textures and dark tones add depth, giving this formerly cookie-cutter condo an abundance of personality and character.

The uniqueness of the furniture layout makes it really inviting and special. I love that our client inspired us to do something unexpected – Sabrina Zavarce, Interior Designer

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