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Work Outfit Ideas for Interior Designers

Do you wonder what the typical dress code for top interior designers is? Or are you a young designer looking for some work outfit ideas and inspiration?

Silvia Parra from our design team loves fashion as much as she loves interiors. Silvia has prepared a special blog post about fashion for the interior designer and is sharing easy work outfit ideas!  Take a look!

Work Outfit Ideas for Interior Designers


Top interior designers love fashion too! It is always important to look your best and be work appropriate. When thinking about work outfits you should always know what’s appropriate in your industry.  Interior designers are lucky to work in a fun and creative industry where we can bend the rules of a traditional professional wardrobe.

When each day is different from the next and we go from site visits, client presentations, to team meetings, it’s important to make sure we are comfortable.  Our Miami design team is always prepared for any interior designer situation whether a meeting with a client or with a contractor.

If you think about it, interior design and fashion have a lot in common! At DKOR we use different design layers to complete each final interior design. I do the same in fashion.  You have the first layer: the basics. The basics are the clothes that you can’t live without! Your favorite work pants, a comfortable blouse or that tailored blazer. You build your outfit around your basics.  You can customize your work outfits with the next layer, the accessories! Accessories add more style and variety to your work outfits.

Find out some ideas of what to wear in typical interior designers situations like meetings, job sites, and casual Fridays.



Work Outfit Ideas for Interior Designers
LOOK: Blazer, pants and shoes from ZARA. Earrings from HM


Working as an interior designer motivated me to still look great but very professional. I always try to find the perfect pieces. For me a good blazer it’s KEY for your closet if you want to look appropriate, especially when we meet with clients. Mix your blazer with a good pair of black pants or black jeans and comfortable but nice shoes.  Keeping it tidy and classic will give you a professional look without compromising your style. Add on the accessories with nice but simple jewelry to finish that look :)!




If it’s a site visit or staging kind of day, make sure you wear comfortable clothing and SHOES!




Work Outfit Ideas for Interior Designers


Fridays are THE BEST! At our Miami Design studio we dress it down with comfortable clothes and show off the trends.  Jeans are very important pieces that you have to have in your closet and they are perfect for a casual Friday.  Mix a good pair of jeans with professional and trendy top, and chic flats like my favorites from ZARA.  I really love them!

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