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Timeless Bedroom Ideas for Boys That They Won’t Grow Out Of

We have lots of inspiring bedroom ideas for boys. The challenge is familiar to anyone designing a room for a small child: how to create a bedroom for a youngster with a timeless design that will remain relevant as he grows up. When coming up with boys’ bedrooms décor ideas, we have all the solutions!

An Additional Challenge

Our clients were a young couple with three boys all under the age of seven. They asked us to create bedrooms for each of them that were fun and comfortable, and to which they would feel connected. The design had to be mature enough so that the boys wouldn’t quickly outgrow it. Adding to the challenge, the parents also wanted each boy’s bedroom to be unique while being connected to one another by a cohesive design and color palette. Armed with our creative boys’ bedroom décor ideas, we were ready to take on the challenge!

We started with a basic color palette of blue and gray, perfect for young boys who are quickly growing up. Note that all the colors were in the medium range, nothing too dark, and in a matte finish. What all three boys’ bedrooms had in common were a mixture of both colors on the walls and ceilings, the use of playful textures, and interesting pops of color. Each bedroom featured a plank wood floor covered by a patterned area rug in the same color family, an easy-to-organize and clean Corian work surface paired with comfortable seating, an upholstered platform bed, open geometric shelving, and playful artwork.
After that, the fun really began!

Bedroom #1

Bedroom Ideas for Boys

Bedroom Ideas for Boys


In this boy’s bedroom, we selected a medium blue paint for the walls and ceiling, pairing it with a really fun wallpaper on the panel behind the bed. Made by Cole & Son, it’s a textural collage of light gray shapes. The platform bed was upholstered in a darker gray fabric that matched the desk chair, and covered with a blue bedspread with matching pillows, to which we added a bright yellow throw for a bit of splash. Additionally, we chose square wood cubbies in a golden-brown finish for shelving, arranged in the corner in a geometric pattern. We finished the room off with a multi-colored blue and gray rug. All three bedrooms feature a cheerful neon sign on the wall; how fun!

With a design that a young boy doesn’t have to grow into, and won’t grow out of for years to come, this bedroom is just right for a young boy.

Bedroom #2

Bedroom Ideas for Boys


Bedroom Ideas for Boys

Our creative bedroom ideas for boys also came to life in the second room. Here, we played with geometric shapes for wall panels and shelving. Using blue paint for the walls and gray for the ceiling, we chose a modern-looking Orlean wallcovering. We love how the wallpaper selection adds lightness to the room while playing on the geometric theme.

This boy’s bedroom was finished off with a gray upholstered platform bed, a textured gray rug in various shades of gray-blue, and open octagonal shelves on the wall. The neon artwork is a very simple and upbeat image of a plane in flight.
What young boy wouldn’t love to hang out in this neatly-designed, comfortable room for both work and play.


Bedroom #3


We reached into our bag of boys’ bedroom décor ideas to come up with this third bedroom to complement the other two. For this one, we specified a darker blue for two walls, offset by a medium gray for the other walls and ceiling. We accented one corner with a wallcovering in blue, white, gray, and light green. We also have open corner shelving. The platform bed in this boy’s bedroom features a gray upholstered headboard, with a light wooden frame to create some warmth. The chrome steel light fixture contributes a touch of drama. What we loved about the neon artwork is its abstract depiction of a basketball, a subtle nod to a sports theme that is so popular in bedroom ideas for boys.

In the end, all three boys’ bedrooms were created equal, using the same basic design elements while remaining distinctly unique. Timeless and tasteful, they are perfectly suited to the needs of kids as they grow up.

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