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Rock ‘n’ Roll Interiors: Home Media Room Design

Who says rock ‘n’ roll interiors can’t be chic? Certainly not our interior design team! Today, we’re taking you backstage—into a home media room we designed for our music-loving clients in their Sabbia Beach condo. We were beyond excited to infuse the essence of glam rock (an edgy, cool, but still elegant look) into this Pompano Beach property, which is our clients’ main residence.

Before we show you the after, take a peek at the elements of our before (aka our plan).

The color and design palette is an ode to rock ‘n’ roll. We deconstructed the elements of a concert: the lighting, the fashion, and the colors. You’ll find plenty of leather, velvet, and various metal surfaces paired with colors so cool that very few people can pull them off.

Interior Design Intent by DKOR Interiors

Located at the end of the 2,500-square-foot apartment’s main hallway, this cozy corner is a family gathering space. It’s where they can all enjoy spending time together. Given this charter, we knew the room had to have several elements: a large, comfy sofa for lounging; entertainment; and a personal touch.

Okay, we’ve teased you enough; let’s get to the main act.

Home Media Room Design – Final Look

Rock ‘n’ Roll Interiors by DKOR Interiors

You feel like you’re backstage at a rock concert, right? That’s exactly what we were going for! Paint and textural elements brought this space to life. The paint, Sherwin Williams Cordovan, is a deep maroony-red. It compliments the hues in the wall art. (We’ll get to this funky gallery wall in a bit.) We had the general contractor on site build us a brick wall to lend texture and a sense of age to the new space.

Rock ‘n’ Roll Interiors by DKOR Interiors

Rock ‘n’ Roll Interiors by DKOR Interiors

Now back to that sofa that’s perfect for cozying up and lounging. This piece is a stunner. Custom-made for us by KMP Furniture, the frame and arms are a charcoal velvet, while the seats and cushions are leather in a similar hue. The contrast is the epitome of rock ‘n’ roll interiors: soft and hard, yet so good together.

The shag rug, chrome and steel lamp, and upholstered ottoman (done in a Sunbrella fabric for durability with kids!) continue the cool contrasts for a unique and effortlessly rock look.

There’s no family room without entertainment, so—naturally—bringing in musical instruments was a no-brainer for this rock ‘n’ roll themed home media room.

Rock ‘n’ Roll Interior Decor

Rock ‘n’ Roll Interiors by DKOR Interiors


The musical theme is carried into the wall art: a collection of concert and event posters have gathered throughout their lives that our clients wanted to showcase in their home. Their eclectic taste in music—from the Stones to Korn—actually creates a very cohesive collection that, when framed in chunky metal frames, comes together beautifully.

Rock ‘n’ Roll Interiors by DKOR Interiors

The rock ‘n’ roll concept and our clients’ cool taste wasn’t a challenge for the DKOR Interiors team as they designed this home media room. The challenge in this space, as it can often be, was lighting.

With no natural light and a deep-hued color palette, we still didn’t want this room to feel dark (in a bad way). We added spotlights along the wall to highlight the art and the brick texture, and a central, ceiling-mounted light for ambient light. The combination brings just enough of the right light to the space.

Want to see more of this eclectic house? Take a look at an overview of the condo’s original design intent and the finished girls’ bedroom for the clients’ adult daughter. The girls’ bedroom is a stark contrast to this media room, so it’s definitely worth a peek!

Stick around as we reveal more and more of this home in the days and weeks to come. Rock on!

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