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Modern Balinese Interior Design Meets Delray Beach, Florida

There are stereotypes of Southern Florida interior design: Either too modern to be comfortable or rustic Spanish-slash-Italian leftover from a bygone decade. At DKOR Interiors, we like to subvert those stereotypes with warm, comfortable family homes, and this Delray Beach new construction home is no exception.

When our clients came to us to space plan their 6,510-square-foot new construction home, we couldn’t have been more excited. Just about to become empty nesters, this couple was inspired by their honeymoon in Bali and the streamlined elements of modern Balinese interior design to create a home that’s in perfect harmony with nature. (Which makes perfect sense when you’re building a home right on the beach.)

“The clients wanted to feel the connection between the indoor and outdoor. the mix between nature and architecture. Plus, they didn’t want their home to feel like a conventional Miami house. So, we were inspired by the haiku.” — Sabrina Zavarce, junior designer


Modern Balinese Interior Design - Delray Beach New Construction Home
Source: Gonzáles Architects


Our design concept for this stunning house, designed by Gonzáles Architects, is an architectural haiku. Through our design, we’re translating the elements of this famous Japanese poem into interior design in a few ways:

  1. Emphasizing three bold elements
  2. Creating rhythm through the repetition of five, seven, five
  3. A poetic connection to nature, tied to the project location
  4. Lighting plans that create different moods throughout the day

As we looked to bring modern Balinese interior design into this Delray Beach home, we were inspired by three elements—sight, sound, and touch—and the ways in which modern Balinese style brings these into the home to connect it to nature.

Design Concept – Modern Balinese Interior Design

To bring the element of sight into the home, it’s about more than colors and patterns. We’re creating rhythm through the use of layers and spacing while creating contrast with different volumes.

For the element of sound, we’re leaving the home open to the beautiful nature that surrounds it: green trees, crashing waves, singing birds.

The element of touch is about more than just textures, though it does start there. We’ll create juxtaposition and contrast through soft and hard, rippled and smooth textures. These elements will be brought to life through the materials we install in the home.

Delray Beach New Construction Home - Interior Materials


Our Delray Beach designers used cooler materials like concrete, black aluminum, and marble and balanced them out by a variety of woods and quartzites. Influenced by their time in Bali, our clients love reclaimed and blonde woods, which happily fit right into our modern Japanese interior design concept.

Their favorite color is blue, so we’ve pulled in blue-hued marble and other textural materials to lend a soothing vibe and reflect the ocean that’s right outside their windows.


Over the course of the next year or more, we’ll work with our clients to space plan the home of their dreams. One their two Labradoodles can bound around in. One their two kids can visit on their college breaks and feel at home in. One our client can entertain friends and family in.


Modern Balinese Interior Design by DKOR Interiors in Delray Beach FL
Source: Gonzáles Architects

Stick around as we get to designing this beautiful, modern balinese house . We can’t wait to share it all with you!

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“Our clients’ trust and belief in us as designers and a company, push us to have strong creative confidence that we project in our designs. Their trust drives us to constantly challenge ourselves to search within us and around us to be stronger designers.”

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