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Enhance Your Interiors with These Creative Painting Ideas

Want to update your space? Think simple instead of a super expensive renovation; yes, consider using only paint to refresh your home interiors. In our previous posts here – Must-Know Tips for Choosing Interior Paint – we review why paint is a great way to do it. We also go over the main characteristics you need to consider when using paint for your projects. Continuing with these previous posts, today we turned to our Miami-based interior design designers for real examples of creative painting ideas for your interiors. We come back to you with many creative uses of paint. So, continue to read and see how our designers created modern creative interiors with paint!

Creative Painting Ideas for Interiors


Be bold and go for an offset or asymmetric paint splash in your space. This will create movement and interest. Our interior designers love to use this in fun spaces such as playrooms and kids’ bedrooms. The spaces feel young and energetic!

Interiors - Creative Painting Ideas
Boy’s Bedroom Design │ Modern Eclectic Home


Interiors - Creative Painting Ideas
Boy’s Bedroom Design │ Luxe Waterfront Condo


Interiors - Creative Painting Ideas
Kids’ Area by DKOR Interiors



Another option to use paint in a different way is going with a pattern. You can mix up colors or just stay with a tone on tone pattern. There are a million patterns you can create with paint. But sometimes the classic patterns are the ones that will work the best… Remember sometimes less is more!

And to illustrate this, what do you think about it in this cute playroom? Who doesn’t love a bold, yet classic, black and white stripe?

Kids Interiors - Creative Painting Ideas
Playroom Design │ “Modern Wonderland Home” Project



Last but not least, let us look at color blocking. It has been very popular in the last few years and we absolutely love this technique. This option has a wow factor and often helps our designers divide spaces within one room.

Check out the bedroom below. Our design team used the pink paint to create a focal point at the bed area while extending the headboard. Then, they used a thin stripe at the desk area to delineate that space.

Kids Interiors - Creative Painting Ideas
Girl’s Bedroom Design │ Modern Eclectic Home


But you do not have to be as bold as our design team. Here below you can see how in this space, we highlighted just one built-in area to create interest and accentuate the depth. It truly is a simple paint splash but it makes the entire space pop!

Kids Interiors - Creative Painting Ideas


In the space project, our designers used green splashes of paint in the boys’ bedroom as well. Check it out below and notice how the green stripe over the desk area at the windows creates depth here.

Kids Interiors - Creative Painting Ideas


If you prefer to go with a less bright color, we suggest you stay in the grey and blue tones. See the bedroom below in cool greys, white and a true blue. You can make a soothing bedroom with color blocking too!

Kids Interiors - Creative Painting Ideas

More Creative Painting Ideas Examples

These last two examples are maybe our favorites. They truly demonstrate the power of paint, and the drama it can add. Imagine those spaces painted in white, the effect would not be a wow factor.

The first bedroom has two splashes of grey in an otherwise entirely white space. There is one splash of grey in the reading nook, and one at the headboard. It is actually a technique that our professional interior designers decided to use here. Picking a grey that matches the bed base, and using it at the headboard, it looks like the bed has a custom elongated headboard! Also, by using the same color in the built-in nook, they defined a cozy area that feels warm and calls to just relax in it.


Kids Interiors - Creative Painting Ideas
Girl’s Bedroom Design │ Modern Eclectic Home

In this fun bedroom, our designers used two distinct colors. The green at the bed area and a deep charcoal grey for the accent wall. They even accentuated the color blocking technique by using turf under the bunk beds. We love the nook it creates at the beds; it makes it feel like a cocoon.


Shared Kids’ Bedroom │ Modern Wonderland

Need more creative painting ideas inspiration? Click on this link – Inspiring Color Blocked Interiors by DKOR – to be redirected to other color blocking ideas for your interiors.

To conclude, you do not have to break the bank to transform your space. Go to the paint shop, grab a few samples and try one of the creative use of paint our designers shared with you.

Our last tip today is not to be scared of colors, but rather embrace it… and if you feel unsure still, go with deeper tones that will bring the color in your space but without screaming bold and bright!

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