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Interior Designer Tips for Building a New House

You made the big decision—you’re building a new house! But what comes next? Having the opportunity to build your own home is certainly an exciting life accomplishment, with complete freedom to create a place that’s uniquely yours. You will have full control to customize the home’s style, layout, finishes, and so much more.

Mixed in with all of that excitement is the often-intimidating process that lies ahead because customization requires a lot of decision-making.

With more than 17 years of interior design experience (including interior design for new build homes), we understand the main concerns and questions that might be crossing your mind at this moment. For that reason, we’ve prepared useful information on the first steps to take when building a new construction home.

We hope that these tips for building a new house will help you to get familiarized with the process, avoid the stress of not knowing where to start, and give you the confidence needed to undertake this exciting adventure!



Interior Designer Tips for Building a New House


Creating a preliminary budget before starting the process is key. This is one of the hardest steps, but once it’s done, the process will be smoother and easier. Don’t skip ahead!

During this step you need to balance your wants with realistic costs, so include everything: land or property, architect, designer, construction materials, appliances, interior features, etc.

Then, establish a ballpark budget for each element. This budget will be your guide to monitoring costs at every stage and to making each decision.

With a preliminary budget and general investment number, you can make the next important decisions: the land selection and the team of experts who will make this dream happen. This team will also help you evaluate costs and create a detailed budget that includes all the stages of the design, from construction materials to furniture.



Interior Designer Tips for Building a New House


Selecting the plot of land for building your dream home might seem simple but it’s one of the most important, if not the most important, decisions. Whether you’ll be tearing down an older home or building in a free lot, there’s a lot to consider.

Take into account the land cost, size, accessibility, nearby amenities (schools or town centers), views, and so much more, depending on your lifestyle.

If you don’t have a building lot yet, we highly recommend doing plenty of research and getting support from the experts at this step. They will guide you to find an option that suits your needs and will help you make a decision that is right for you.


Interior Designer Tips for Building a New House


Find licensed professionals with a good solid reputation and experience. You want a home builder and architect who will stick with you throughout the entire construction process, so choose wisely.

Setting up a new construction home requires the expertise of both a builder and an architect. The architect will be responsible for creating detailed blueprints of what the finished home should look like, creating the overall design vision based on your needs and desires while considering site conditions.

Here are the aspects you should define with your architect: square footage, stories, number of bedrooms and bathrooms, general layout, and functionality.

And the home builder will construct your home as designed using the best code-approved construction techniques. The home builder team will oversee all subcontractors and the construction process from start to finish.


Interior designers meeting with client on site


Before you get overwhelmed with so many design choices, select your interior designer. If you’re asking yourself: what is the role of the interior designer on the planning of your new construction home? Let us answer that: To guarantee that all the interior spaces work perfectly for you and your family and create an aesthetic that uniquely reflects your taste and style.

Having the designer participate from the beginning phases will save you time and reduce costs, avoiding expensive backtracking. With all the team members involved and collaborating together on the initial vision, you make sure that all of the features, including the interior ones are taken into consideration.

Not only will you be able to review interior finishes, but the early collaboration between all the teams will allow you to plan ahead on lots of little (but important!) details, like the best location of electrical outlets.

Take it from one of our designers, Marianna:

This is a crucial phase to ensure your new home is properly designed and spaced planned from the inside out. Interior design and architecture teams collaborate in making sure the interiors, flow, and design features have a coherent proportion with your expectations and functionality needs. We understand your needs and make sure these are translating into each and every corner of your home.”


Interior Designer Tips for Building a New House

Now that the main structural elements are ready and the teams have been chosen. It’s time to join forces with them and start designing your dream home! You will approve interior designs and then construction will begin and the fun part will start. While the construction is taking place, you will be working with your designer on the finishing touches, selecting furniture and decor to make each space so special, ending up with a dream home all the family will enjoy and love.

Remember, the success will be determined by developing a good plan and having the right team of experts. We hope these steps give you more clarity on the route to follow for building a new construction home on time and within budget.



Interior Designer Tips for Building a New House
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Interior Designer Tips for Building a New House
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Interior Designer Tips for Building a New House
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