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How Artwork Enhances Modern Interior Designs

There are two main ways DKOR interior designers like to integrate our clients’ art collections, whether paintings, photography or other art, into the modern interior designs we create for them. We either gain inspiration from the color and mood of the artwork and incorporate that into the design, or the art is in total contrast with the space’s color scheme.

In our Breezy Miami Estate project, we employed both methods to ensure every piece in our client’s eclectic collection would find a suitable home. Some pieces were strong paintings in which the artists wanted to convey hard times. In other words, beautiful, but not-so-happy paintings. The mood and palette of these paintings contrasted the design of the rooms in which they were hung, allowing the message behind the paintings to stand out even more. Just like with jewelry, a big contrast can have a grand effect!

For pieces with a bright color palette, we incorporated those colors into the room’s palette, allowing the art to live in harmony with the residence’s modern interior designs. To spotlight the paintings, we selected small pieces (pillows, throws, decorative boxes) with similar hues to the artwork. This attention to detail pulls the room together, allowing it to feel well-thought-out and complete.


Entrance Hallway


How Artwork Enhances Modern Interior Designs


How Artwork Enhances Modern Interior Designs



How Artwork Enhances Modern Interior Designs


How Artwork Enhances Modern Interior Designs


How Artwork Enhances Modern Interior Designs


Two large pieces of art were selected and purchased after our interior design was approved, including this colorful abstract piece in the entry. We asked our client to find a large piece to fit the scale of the space—it has very high ceilings! They went to Art Basel and came back with this stunner. It is the perfect piece for this foyer, which lacked luminosity and needed a real pop of color.

Notice how the yellow in the painting picks up the brass finishes on the mirror, sconces, and accessories and brightens up every nook and cranny of the space.




How Artwork Enhances Modern Interior Designs


How Artwork Enhances Modern Interior Designs



For the living room, our client had something up their sleeves as we were about to finalize the design. The home’s palette, both the wall color and the furniture, is very neutral—mostly warm grays. So, when our client hinted that they had a painting with all gradients of gray tones in mind, we were so excited. Once we verified that the artwork would be the right scale for the space, we couldn’t wait to hang it up.

When choosing artwork, think about it like this: If the final intent of the artwork is to be a part of the design, complementing the space but not being the focal point, look for art with similar hues to your main color palette. But if you really want it to stand out as the highlight of the room, pick a piece of art that contrasts the mood and palette of your room.


Living Room



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