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Guest Bedroom Design: The Essentials for a Cozy Stay

This year has put our homes more in focus than ever. Some of us have even spent the past few months redecorating to make our live-work-play spaces more suitable for all day, everyday life. Now that the holiday and hosting season is upon us, there’s a new room to turn our attention to: the guest bedroom design. Whether you’re following guidelines and safely traveling to see family or celebrating with your quaranteam, providing a safe, separate, and relaxing area for guests is now top of mind.

To help you have a stress-free holiday during these difficult times, we’ve prepared our best guest bedroom design tips to consider while designing or refreshing your guest space this holiday season.


Consider Function

Start by bringing your most frequent visitors to mind. Friends with kids, elderly parents, and your single sibling have different space and functionality needs.

Think about how the space needs to function, about how they’ll move around the room, and the essentials they’ll need to make your home feel like their home.

Invest your time in the layout: ensuring it works for your guests and allows a good flow. Trust us, the right furniture layout is key to creating a functional and relaxing space.

Including a bedside setup or creating a sitting area are great ways to add function to a guest bedroom.

Personalize the Design

After you clearly understand the functionality needs, the fun really begins! It’s time to think about the design.

Spend some time visualizing how you would like the space to look and feel. Brainstorm the three words that will best describe your ideal guest bedroom design. Is it cozy, comfortable, and casual? Or is it luxurious, glamorous, and textural? The choice is yours!

One question we get a lot as we’re designing guest rooms for clients: How far from my home’s aesthetic can my guest bedroom style deviate? Although you want your home a cohesive look throughout guest bedrooms are a great opportunity to go bold and have fun with style.

You can try something bold in your guest bedroom, like a bright color, a fun wallpaper or even a neon sign like the one at this Fort Lauderdale Residence Design by our DKOR team.

Make It Multipurpose

Whether or not you have space in your home to dedicate to a full-on guest bedroom, we love a room that does double-duty. A multifunctional room ensures you’re making the most of your square footage and living in all of the spaces you so lovingly designed. The most common pairings are a guest room combined with a home office, media room, or family room.

If you’re short on space, consider a comfortable pull-out sofa in a media or family room. Or a small profile desk and slim office chair that can be tucked away are great options.

Guest Bedroom Design
Incorporating a Murphy bed is an easy way to make a room do double duty as a guest space. Check out what we did in this Modern Office and Guest Room Combo Design Idea.

Don’t Forget Storage Space

Storage is key to guest comfort. And we are not talking just about a spot for your guests to hide away their luggage, we’re also referring to space to keep all the essentials.

Add storage solutions not only for your guests (an empty dresser or closet is key), but for you and your family to keep those additional items that you cannot store somewhere else (we all need some extra storage!). Storage solutions like built-in cabinets, furniture with storage, closets, under the bed storage drawers and boxes, decorative containers, and more can be life savers.

Maximizing storage with built-ins is one of our favorite storage solutions.

It’s All About Comfort

There is a basic principle we always follow for guest spaces: comfort.

You want to make this space extra cozy and welcoming for them. How, you ask? Comfy furniture selections; a high-quality mattress, bedding, and pillows are a must; extra blankets; and even a sound machine.

Guest Bedroom Design

Think About the Basics; Add Little Touches

Don’t forget about the basic amenities like a reading lamp, a mirror; nightstand essentials (glass for water, space to charge electronics, etc.); and trays to place everyday items like keys, glasses, or wallets. When guests know you’ve thought about their every need, they’ll feel automatically welcomed and at home.

If you’ve got the basics covered, put the cherry on top of the space with some little touches. We love to include family photographs, especially if grandma and grandpa are staying over. Fresh flowers and plants add a sense of liveliness to a guest bed.

Guest Bedroom Design

Hope these tips take some of the guesswork and stress out of guest bedroom design. Wishing you a happy, healthy, and well-designed holiday season from the DKOR team!

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